March 21, 2023


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“The Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 6 Synopsis, Speech Confusion, Chaney’s Thoughts, and Final Speech – Reality Steve

"The Bachelor" Clayton - Episode 6 Synopsis, Speech Confusion, Chaney's Thoughts, and Final Speech - Reality Steve

wait a moment. Now you’re telling that since the New York Times bought and acquired Wordle that we’ll have days (like today) where not everyone gets the same word? What the hell is going on here? I read some clarifications on Google and was totally confused. But yeah (no spoilers here, don’t worry if you haven’t done so today), apparently since the New York Times bought Wordle, they’ve removed some words from the original list? I didn’t even know there was an original menu, and wouldn’t looking at the original some kind of spoil the whole point of the game? I’m confused as to what’s going on and I need answers now damn it. And while it doesn’t change my thoughts about how I feel about Wordle and how much my excitement has decreased significantly since I started (currently in the 29 game streak since I started), I still want to know that we all play the same word every day. I guess I’ll text Ashley Spivey after I’m done posting today and ask her because she’s the one who got me into this game in the first place. You’ll know what’s up.

Get your Reader Emails for tomorrow as the batch is a bit low now. I think I have about 10 or so. I’d like 10 or 15 more for tomorrow if you don’t order much. It’s very hard to even say anything about the end of this show anymore because all I do is do it if the winner doesn’t give you away. The amount of things I hear, the contradictory things I’ve heard, the information I’ve heard but can’t confirm…there is a lot. Here’s an example, but from a previous season I talked about when it happened: Peter’s season. I didn’t know Peter’s winner until the weekend before the final. But all season long I’ve told you that if you’re going to believe all the people in Auburn, Alabama who have been saying for 3 months that he picked Maddie, then that’s what he had. A lot of people have told me that since a week after filming ended. But I never reported the “Peter chose Maddie” spoiler at the end because even though several people told me so, none of them had any solid information to back it up. It was all, “That’s what I heard.” Then I would ask where they heard it from, and it wouldn’t go anywhere where this was well established. This is what I mean when I say I don’t like reporting things I “hear”. If so, I would have spilled something by now. I want to know what happened and/or with who Clayton. No one I hear chose or not.

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I can say til I’m blue in my face “This is the one I hear Clayton chose but not confirmed” and every Tom, Dick and Harry with 4 followers on IG will report that “Actually Steve said Clayton chose…” So I don’t bother posting things that listen to it. I’ll put my name behind it when I feel like I know for sure who he chose, and not just convey the things I hear. There is a lot now I hear. I picked it up last weekend and things have become somewhat/somewhat clearer? It’s hard to say without telling you everything you heard, where you heard it from, what they said, how it fits with the season, etc. And obviously I’ll never share those details because they came out of sources, which is why I say it’s almost impossible to talk about the end of this season in public. You guys want to know the winner. And so am I, when I do that, you’ll know.

Shanae took to IG last night to give her rating now that she’s off the show. In case you miss it yourself…

Ohhhhhhhh, now I see. they were Those who are all wrong. Judged by what we see on our TV screens. How dare we? This woman is completely delusional. She couldn’t have come across anything worse on the show if she tried, and she couldn’t have handled social media any worse after the show, now she’s totally blaming us, taking no responsibility for anything the show says or doing in that post, then gave Passive-aggressive “good luck for Clayton” at the end, when we already knew her true feelings for him once she told him to “f*** off” once you wiped her out. But hey, you and I are wrong here. not her. Just remember this. Not real.

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