June 8, 2023


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The assistant director admitted that he did not check all the balls

The beginning of an answer. According to the investigation report, Assistant Director On the film Rust He admitted that he did not check all the bullets in the barrel of the pistol given to Alec Baldwin. On Wednesday, the prosecutor said No one is “excluded” In connection with possible lawsuits, including the actor, the writer who carried out the shooting Who killed the photo director Halina Hutchins. However, as the investigation continues, the lawyer believes it will be “very soon.”

During his investigation, Assistant Director Dave Halls explained to police that he had checked the pistol barrel and made sure there was no debris in it. But the policeman who interrogated him wrote that he “only remembers seeing three ammunition and he said he should have tested everything”. Halls does not “remember” if the gunman “turned the barrel”.

According to several witnesses, Dave Halls declared the weapon “cold” to Alec Baldwin, meaning that the revolver is empty and harmless in the words of the cinema. “I think there was a certain carelessness in this set and there were problems that the (film) industry and perhaps the state (New Mexico) had to solve.” , Said Santa Fe County Sheriff Aden Mendoza.

He was fired for an incident in a previous shoot

According to the American media, Dave Halls was fired from a previous shooting after a gun-related incident. Hannah Cutress-Reid, who carried the gun, had little experience at 24 years old. The daughter of the famous Hollywood gunman, she had only one film with Nicholas Cage, and believed on the podcast that she was “nervous” at the idea of ​​handling a set of weapons.

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According to Wrap, Shooting with Nicholas Cage has gone bad. The young woman would have provoked the wrath of the star by firing indiscriminately with a blank-loaded weapon, not letting those around her guard their ears at the specified time.

In the settlement, investigators found more than 500 rounds of ammunition, a combination of counterfeit, plain and, presumably, real ammunition. According to The Rape, just hours before the tragedy, some members of the group used an hurtful revolver to shoot live ammunition into beer cans. Many gunmen have stressed in the media: Unless you make a documentary, there is no reason for even the West to have real ammunition in a package.