October 2, 2022


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The all-new 7th generation Ford Mustang 2024 coming on September 14

The all-new 7th generation Ford Mustang 2024 coming on September 14

Ford on Friday announced the all-new Ford Mustang — and possibly the last petrol-powered — at 8 p.m. ET on September 14 at an event in Detroit. The “Scramble,” which will take place near the site of the Detroit Auto Show, is the final stop for a week-long parade around the US of the six generations of Ford Mustangs. Probably the seventh generation and Generation S650 Mustang It will be the last gas-powered Ford pony car.

The current Mustang has lasted for nearly a decade, and is powered by turbo-four, V6, and iterations of V8 gasoline engines. The next generation Mustang will likely use four turbochargers and V8 powerplants, although an electrified hybrid version is in the works. Ford didn’t say much About what the future Mustang will offer, but the suspects –GTAnd Shelby and more — almost certainly in the cards.

So far, we’ve seen very few Mustangs coming up in spy photography and what rolled on stage in Detroit was, in a big way. All of the iconic Mustang icons are in place: tall hood, sequential vertical taillights, and bonnet.

What’s left under camouflage is mostly anyone’s guess, but we’ll find out more on September 14th when the full Mustang is revealed. stay tuned

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