November 30, 2022


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The 4.8-magnitude earthquake shook La Palma, raising the island’s soil by ten centimeters

Nearly 200 earthquakes, some measuring 4 to 4.8 on the Richter scale, have shaken La Palma, which has risen 10 cm in the last 24 hours. An elected official proposes to bomb the island to allow the lava to flow

The first Gumbre Vieja volcano erupted on September 19 on the island of La Palma. During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, nearly 200 earthquakes were reported: 3 with a magnitude of 80 and ten oscillating between 4 and 4.8. You can feel them on the other islands of the Canary Islands.

The National Geological Survey has found a height of more than 10 centimeters above the ground in the last 24 hours, with strong debris near the volcanic eruptions.

The cone of the volcano has partially collapsed again. But the lava flows seem to indicate a cessation of progress towards the ocean.

Military units are involved in ash removal and cleaning operations to prevent the roof or building from collapsing.

Casimiro Carpelo, president of the neighboring island of Gomera, proposed on behalf of his constituents, excited by the fall of the ash and the damage caused by the volcanic eruption. Use military aircraft. “Isn’t there a plane that can propel bombs and lava in the direction you want?” “

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