October 4, 2022


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Teacher sentenced to life in prison for raping 13 students

An Indonesian court on Tuesday (February 15) sentenced a teacher to life in prison for raping 13 students, highlighting the problem of sexual abuse in faith-based schools in the southeastern country.

A court in Bandung, West Java, convicted Harry Viravan of repeatedly raping 13 teenage girls, who later gave birth to nine children. The accused “He was found guilty of forcing children to have sex with him while he was a teacher“And”Life imprisonment is imposedSenior Judge Johannes Purnomo Suryo Adi said.

Execution and chemical castration

The victims, most of them subsidized, came from poor families and lived in the Islamic boarding school he co-founded, have been victims of abuse for 5 years, the case revealed. The parents of a pregnant student lodged a complaint with the police last year, during an investigation at the school, which brought to light several atrocities committed against the students. The 36-year-old teacher was bowing her head as she heard a three-judge verdict. He said he wanted to raise his children, according to his lawyer, and had previously appealed to the judges for clemency. The government demanded the death penalty and chemical torture in the case, which caused great uproar in the country. The judges said the authorities should pay compensation to the victims.

Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, has about 25,000 Islamic boarding schoolsI thinkNearly five million young people study and live there. Teaching there is often very strict, with students pursuing classical education during the day and studying the Koran in the evening. But the Bandung investigation highlights the problem of sexual abuse in some of these institutions, with the National Child Protection Commission reporting that 14 out of 18 cases last year involved Islamic boarding schools.

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