November 27, 2022


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Strange actions of Bolsonaro’s staunch supporters in Brazil

Letter from Rio de Janeiro

The show starts from 20th November. Night has fallen in Porto Alegre, the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. In the historic center, near the regional military command, a handful of far-right demonstrators wearing Seleçao (national soccer team) shirts continue to protest against the October 30 presidential election results, in which Jair Bolsonaro was defeated. Survey by Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. Why is everyone crying? “Federal Intervention”. Understand: A military regime.

When, suddenly, here they adopt Enigmatic behavior. The Bolsonaros put their phones to their skulls, turned on the flashlight and pointed to the sky. Everyone crosses their arms in front of the jet of light, as if sending an SOS to the stars and their distant inhabitants. “Guys, (…) These pushkists are asking extraterrestrials for help.”Confused by the comments, photographer Marcelo Nunes posts a video of the protestors on his Facebook profile.

It instantly went viral on the internet. Even worse if the demonstrators’ glowing message was actually addressed to the commanders of the military command of Porto Alegre: “SOS to the Martians” Where “The Call to ET” Jair Bolsonaro, who has not been off the streets for nearly a month, has come to attest to a psychological state considered worrying by some of his staunchest supporters.

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Some of them were filmed in Nitro, near Rio de Janeiro Prayer And sometimes pray to God Kneel down In front of military buildings. In Parana (South), others were seen singing the national anthem in front A single tire. Elsewhere, the Bolsonaros have improved Horrible military parades In single file, initialized Passionate dances Asphalt ends in a split, or even He licked the portrait of the outgoing president In front of television cameras.

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Verbal and physical attacks

Very strange theses circulate in these festival gatherings. In Belem (Amazon), a protester was upset that the Brazilian police were in tears “Purchased” Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein (died 2006). Many people celebrated enthusiastically False report of arrest By the police of Judge Alexandre de Moraes, a pet of the far-right and president of the High Electoral Court. Some even believe that Jair Bolsonaro has been replaced by an apparition.

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