March 21, 2023


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Sorry, I do not want to offend anyone, as the former policeman in tears promises Malka

Tears and apologies. A The white police woman tried in Minneapolis To get Killed a young African American A normal traffic control in the bar last Friday Friday turned out to be “chaotic” in a matter of minutes. 49-year-old Kim Potter has been charged with manslaughter.

When 20-year-old Dante Wright protested his arrest in the Brooklyn Center on the outskirts of this big city in the north of the United States, he always claimed to have drawn his service weapon in the belief that he was using his electric taser gun.

“We struggled to keep him from running, and then it became confusing. I remember shouting ‘Daser, Daser, Daser.’ He (his co-worker) told me I shot him,” she said before shedding tears. Remember the moments that followed. “I have an ambulance, I do not know why, I’m in the police station,” she said before apologizing: “I’m sorry it happened. I do not want to hurt anyone.”

“Potentially dangerous” situation

On a Sunday, April 11, 2021, a policewoman was on patrol with a co-worker who decided to check on a white Buick driver who had committed a minor traffic offense. Upon learning that a warrant had been issued for him, they decided to arrest him.

The police woman described the “dangerous” situation. “Sometimes there are guns in the car, people don’t cooperate, you don’t know who you are controlling,” he explained.

The young man, who was unarmed, did not let go of his handcuffs and restarted his car to escape. Kim Potter then drew what she said to make him think it was his electric gun. In the footage, he hears Donte screaming “Daser” several times before injuring Wright.

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The play had a strong impact during the May 2020 trial of white policeman Derek Chao, who strangled 46-year-old George Floyd in Minneapolis. The trial of a forty-year-old man sparked massive anti-racist protests around the world.

Manipulation is unwise

Before Kim Potter’s arrest was silenced, violent rallies took place in Brooklyn for several nights. His lawyer, Paul Eng, pleads that it was the result of human error and stress because he sought to protect his co-worker. But according to attorney Erin Eldridge, Donte Wright died of negligent handling of a weapon and the negligence of an officer with 26 years of experience. He emphasized the differences with a bright yellow taser that glowed twice as brightly as his service weapon.

Wright’s family lawyer Ben Crump said in a statement after Kim Potter’s testimony that “the assassination of Dante Wright (…) is completely preventable.” “The argument she confused with his taser and his weapon is incomprehensible,” he added, condemning the policeman’s “wrong and sad choice” and the police officers’ “shortcomings in training”. Brooklyn Center.