June 8, 2023


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Social conflict in Guadeloupe: The lifting of the Morne-A-LU dams

Will the police attack La Boucan, Sainte-Rose and Perrin, Abymes dams? This Sunday morning, they began clearing checkpoints in Morne-à-l’Eau. As for the two forts of the aforementioned fighters, they are under the care of the Allies.

The situation in Guadeloupe has been good since Friday, with the general strike lasting 20 days.

Dams are being eroded

Gendermary vehicles, dump trucks, construction machinery and utility vehicles were advancing towards Morne-A-L’U through the village of Abims on Sunday morning.

Column of Dam Lifting Machines, in Les Abims, towards Morne-A-L’U – 12/05/2021

© Pascal Pétrine – Guadeloupe 1st

In Morne-à-l’Eau, in the Marioul section, the dam lifting and clearing work has been going on for several days with the establishment of a critical checkpoint.
In Bosrédon and Gensolin, the work of the police and working companies is going well.

Lifting of Morne-à-LEau Dams from Bosrédon to Marieulle – 12/05/2021

© Pascal Pétrine – Guadeloupe 1st

Now, it remains to be seen whether the last strongholds of the fighters, from Berlin to Abyss and La Boocan to Saint-Rose, will be unavoidable roadblocks.

Saint-Rose stands alone

Do not think that there is less mobilization as more vehicles enter the city of Saint-Rose and may leave it.
The palaces have formed a paramilitary system to regulate the traffic they call for, not without humor. “La Boocan RepublicThe main point is anchored on the Essential Bridge, similar to the entrance to the municipality’s boundary, ending at a series of small checkpoints over several kilometers from the Pointoise accumulation to Saint-Marie. , They are the caretakers, the patients, the farmers, the breeders, the carriers … in short, the users are identified as priorities., According to the persons concerned.

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Notice that the militants gestured towards the people yesterday and everyone was circling in the same direction. According to protesters, it will still be there until 6pm this Sunday.

Ammunition was placed in adjacent streets; This allows waste of all kinds and sizes to fill the dams, if necessary, especially if the police try to intervene.

At that point, the “joint of the Saint-Rose struggle” is in the maneuver. It includes Moun Gwadloup, LCDM, FO, Citizens and St. Mary’s Youth, and is, in a sense, a band, compared to a number of organizations involved in the struggle across the archipelago since November 15.
The Saint-Rosicrucians made the gesture when they called reporters on Saturday to state their own demands.

Damn, we did not pass!

In the perimeter of the name, no such system is required. Motorists have understood from the very beginning of the fight against vaccine duty and health pass that this strategic crossroads, in general, is very exciting and impassable in the territory. Thus, surrealist peace prevails. Users are taking other possible paths on Abimon soil.

This is where a press conference will be held on Sunday, November 5 at 3:00 pm by the FO Union, a joint venture of the SDIS Division (Department Fire and Rescue Service). Fight.
The program will be entitled “The Situation of Prison Youth”.
Attending the Mass Mawon Cultural Movement, activist lawyers will speak.
They must return to the 100 arrests made by the security forces since the beginning of the protest movement and the 64 sentences handed down by Guadeloupe courts.

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Mobilization does not weaken!

Although the main roads in Grande-Terre and Passே-Terre have been largely cleared in recent days, the mobilized militants are urging people to prove the continuity of their movement.
Yesterday, three demonstrations were organized: one in the trade unions’ Capesterre-Belle-Eau, one in Pointe-à-Pitre where skin groups rallied human waves of united citizens and one in La Désirade, where caregivers (and patients) claim to be vulnerable to the use of vaccine duty , They deny it.