June 8, 2023


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Sicily is preparing for a new hurricane

The Mediterranean hurricane, known as the “Medican”, made landfall overnight Thursday through Friday, approaching the island’s east coast and neighboring Calabria (the tip of the Italian boot), according to ISPRA.

Sicily, which has been flooded by heavy rains since Sunday, is preparing for Thursday for the second hurricane in a week. Since this weekend, three people have already died in rain and landslides that have hit the region of Catania, Sicily’s second largest city. Residents of this coastal town on the southeast of the island were preparing for another episode of bad weather on Thursday.

A Mediterranean type hurricane, “Medicine“According to the ISPRA General Research Institute, access to the island’s east coast and neighboring Calabria (the tip of the Italian boot) is required overnight from Thursday to Friday.”Heavy rain and sea storms are expected along the coast with waves of more than 4.5 meters», He pointed out that these Mediterranean hurricanes occur more frequently this season. The Civil Defense Services have put East Sicily on an orange alert. Schools were closed in Catania and Syracuse, with local authorities ordering administrations and courts to close until Friday.

Damage to crops and infrastructure

The “DrugsLow pressure systems such as tropical cyclones forming in the Mediterranean. The hurricane, which hit Catania on Tuesday, inundated the city’s central square with 300 mm of rain in 24 hours. Italian television showed images of the flooded emergency rooms and court at the Caribaldi-Nesima Hospital in Catania. According to Antonio Navarra, meteorologist and head of the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change, the Il Corriere della Sera newspaper quoted Wednesday as saying that Sicily, which broke summer records this summer, is at the center of extreme weather events.

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We are trying to understand whether these events become more severe with climate change and whether their nature changes with increasing frequency.“According to the main Italian agricultural association, Goldreti, farms, including olive groves and orange and lemon groves, have suffered significant damage. The damage to crops and infrastructure in Italy this year due to bad weather is estimated at two billion euros.