February 5, 2023


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She became a TikTok “Gym Auntie” woman after a heartwarming encounter with a fitness influencer

She became a TikTok “Gym Auntie” woman after a heartwarming encounter with a fitness influencer

An adorable meeting between two fitness enthusiasts has blossomed into a regular collaboration of healthy content on social media.

Daniel Kim, a personal trainer in Orange County who posts fitness-related content on his TikTokdeekimm account, was recording a training session in September when a woman named Cheri accidentally ran into his shot.

In the clip, Cheri immediately backs off after noticing the camera and says, “Oops, I almost walked in…”

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Kim quickly reassures her that it’s okay and she may move on: “You can move on. Don’t worry.”

Then Cherry approached Kim and explained that she was distracted because she was admiring his arms.

“They are blinding,” Cherie said before turning away, prompting Kim to laugh.

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Kim finally says at the end of the clip, “Thank you, I appreciate it.”

The video Kim uploaded in September with the captionYou made my FR day,” it has since been viewed more than 7.6 million times.

The encounter received an overwhelmingly positive response from commentators, who found the interaction between the two helpful and fascinating.

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“You could be my friend,” one user wrote.

Another commented: “She reminds me of my teacher.”

“This made me very happy,” said one.

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“Faith in humanity is out there,” one commenter wrote. “They are both beautiful.”

Since then, many commentators have called her a “Gym Auntie”.

A few days later, Kim shared a follow-up video showing him approaching Cheri at the gym and telling her that the video of their interaction exploded on TikTok.

In the clip, Kim Cherry showed how commentators liked her video, which by that time had already 1.6 million views and 300 thousand likes.

Cherie, seemingly elated by the positive response, starts laughing when Kim shares the nickname “Gym Auntie” the internet has given her with her.

Cheri has since embraced the label and has begun posting her workout content on TikTok under a pseudonym.

Kim and Cheri have also begun working together on a series of collaborative videos that Kim calls the “Gym Auntie Series”.

In their final video together, posted on November 17, Kim expressed his gratitude for the support they’ve received from their fans, saying it gives them “the extra motivation we also need to work harder.”

According to Cherry, the support makes her “want to keep going and move on so they can see my aunt really work”. She then said that she “went two sizes down”.

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