November 27, 2022


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Russian soldiers killed in shooting from a military field

Russian soldiers killed in shooting from a military field


Two men opened fire on Russian soldiers at a military firing range near the Ukrainian border, killing 11 and wounding 15 — an attack the Kremlin said was carried out by terrorists.

The attack came amid protests and the flight of large numbers of people from the country after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered hundreds of thousands of reservists to go to war as part of a hasty mobilization to bolster Russia’s presence in Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the shooting took place in the Belgorod region in southwestern Russia, bordering Ukraine. The agency said the two men were from a former Soviet country and had opened fire on soldiers during a target practice. They were killed in the attack.

Putin’s new mobilization of forces was accompanied by a barrage of missile attacks in Ukraine. It appeared to be a response to the bombing that destroyed the bridge linking Russia to Crimea a week ago and new gains by Ukraine to reclaim territory the Kremlin said it had annexed.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla, may abandon plans to ask the US government for funding. starlink satellite network in Ukraine After a tweet on Saturday. USA TODAY has reached out to SpaceX for comment.

In the early weeks of the invasion in early March, Musk came to Ukraine’s aid when his company, SpaceX, shared a Starlink satellite system that helps provide Internet access in under-covered areas.

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On Friday, Musk, the world’s richest man, wrote on Twitter that it costs SpaceX about $20 million a month to support the system and that the company “cannot fund the current system indefinitely.”

“Take your children and go”: Russian official urges Kherson residents as Ukraine pressures crime

Other developments

Governor Oleksiy Kuleba said Saturday that a Russian missile strike severely damaged a major energy facility in Ukraine’s Kyiv region, adding that no deaths or injuries were reported. Electricity transmission company Uknergo said repair crews were working to restore power, but further outages were likely.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday he expects a controversial draft of army reservists ordered to support its military campaign in Ukraine. To be completed within two weeksRussia is trying to confront it The gains made by the Ukrainian forces.

► In the Kherson region of southern Ukraine, the authorities are set in Moscow Residents urged to evacuate to Russia on Friday As Ukrainian forces continued counter-attack efforts in the region. The move appears to indicate that Ukraine’s military gains worry Russia as it tries to hold on to areas illegally annexed from Ukraine last month.

►Dane Partridge, a 34-year-old Idaho man serving as a volunteer soldier in Ukraine, died Tuesday He succumbed to his wounds in a Russian attack in Luhansk, Donbass region of Ukraine.

Graphics: Mapping and tracing the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Obama: WH, Kremlin connections ‘weak as they have been for a very long time’

Former President Barack Obama sounded the alarm about the increasingly weak communications between the US and Russian leadership in an interview Friday with the Pod Save America podcast.

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He said on the podcast hosted by former Obama administration employees.

Obama said that during the Cold War, even at its most tense, there was a sense that picking up the phone and communicating through diplomatic channels was still an option. But now he said, “A lot of it collapsed.”

The former president attributed the deteriorating contacts between Russia and the United States to the increasing isolation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, both globally and within his own rank.

“I think we’re dealing now with a kind of Russian system that’s actually more centralized, more isolated and closed off,” Obama said. “I think Putin has enhanced the decision-making process to a degree that we didn’t even see during the Soviet era.”

USA TODAY requested comment from the White House on Obama’s remarks.

– Ella Lee, USA TODAY

Russian missile attacks: Death toll rises again as Russian missiles and drones strike Ukraine-controlled Zaporizhia

US sends Ukraine $725 million military aid package

The White House said Friday that the United States will send Ukraine a new arms and military aid package worth $725 million.

The new package will include missiles, anti-tank weapons, ammunition and medical supplies, according to a statement issued by the US Department of Defense.

In total, the United States has committed more than $18.2 billion in military aid to Ukraine since January 2021.

Meanwhile, the European Union is preparing to announce about half a billion additional euros in aid to buy weapons for Ukraine and a military training mission in Europe for thousands of Ukrainian troops, officials said Friday.

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Graphics: Ukraine regains more territory in the east and south as counterattacks continue

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