March 21, 2023


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Russia wants to “rewrite the rules of international order” and condemns the head of the European Commission

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11:44 am : The Ukrainian army announces that a soldier was killed by pieces. It was the first death in weeks in the conflict in the east. Ukraine accuses pro-Russian separatists of escalating, raising fears of an immediate Russian invasion. However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces said in a statement “Control the situation” And “Continue their mission to thwart Russia’s armed occupation”. Follow our lives.

11:02 : “Europe fears new migration crisis”Respect Le Picaro. On a daily basis, the Ukrainian crisis and the escalation of sources of tension raise fears about the threat, which Europe thinks is better prepared than it was in 2015.

10:44 am : “Moscow is trying to recapture history and recreate its sphere of influence.”

At the Munich Security Conference, the NATO leader reaffirmed his commitment “Firm” Coalition members can only get by if they warn Russia to protect each other “No more NATO” If she tries to get it “Less NATO” Within its boundaries.

10:35 am : The Russian region on the border with Ukraine declares a state of emergency due to the arrival of refugees. Divided parts of eastern UkraineWho ordered the evacuation of the public. “As the number of visitors has increased, it seems appropriate for us to introduce a state of emergency.”Governor of the Rostov region, quoted by Russian news agencies.

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12.00 pm. : Really Investigation. This shows that the increase in tension in recent hours was planned in advance. Journalist Vincent Claude watches videos released yesterday by pro-Russian separatist leaders In fact there was a call to evacuate the public dated from Wednesday. Both videos were released on Telegram, and the metadata for these videos can be found here.

10:31 am : There is a journalist who found out that the videos of the separatist leaders released yesterday were actually recorded on Wednesday.

10:16 am : “We cannot allow this. We face a blatant attempt to rewrite the rules of international order.”

Russia has carried on “Reduce” European Defense Architecture accuses the head of the European Commission. Ursula van der Leyen condemns imposition of an alliance between China and Russia “Law of the Strong”.

09:59 : South of the Donbass, the Mariupol area is relatively avoided at this point due to rising tensions with Russia. But the people are still vigilant: the youth are preparing for war, and have decided to clean up the unseen trenches overlooking the Sea of ​​Azov. Report.

(Benjamin Illy / Radio France)

09:32 : The Kremlin confirms that a phone call was planned for Sunday between Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron. Fear of Russian attack In Ukraine they are at their peak. Elysee declares that this appeal is intentional “Avoid the worst” In Ukraine. The French president will also meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky today.

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09:22 : Leaders Donetsk and Lukansk are self-proclaimed republicsThe war with Kiev in eastern Ukraine was controlled by pro-Russian separatists, simultaneously “Public mobilization” This morning. “I invite my fellow reserve persons to report to the military compulsory offices. Today, I have signed the General Mobilization Order.”Donetsk separatist leader Denis Pushilin announced.

09:20 : Ukrainian armed forces and pro-Russian separatists accuse each other of engaging in serious ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine, where recent attacks have killed at least one person. The Ukrainian army reported 66 mortar fires until 7 a.m., especially in large numbers. At least one Ukrainian soldier was killed by the pieces.

09:15 : We begin with the first point of the message:

Ukrainian authorities and pro-Russian separatists accuse each other of carrying out new attacks in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian military says there have been 66 shootings as of 7 p.m. Leaders Donetsk and Lukansk are self-proclaimed republicsControlled by pro-Russian separatists and simultaneously proclaimed “Public mobilization”. Follow our lives.

Eunice storm passed At least nine people died In northern Europe, according to a recent report. The storm injured eight people in France and caused extensive damage. As of Saturday morning, about 75,000 homes in the Nord and Pas-de-Calais were without electricity.

The Aziz Court of Iser Condemnation of Nordahl Lelandais Life sentence with 22 years security sentence for August 2017 murder of Maëlys. He will not appeal.

Emmanuel Macron rejects request for ruling junta in power in Bamako The French soldiers must be withdrawn “Without delay” From Mali. I will never compromise on their safety.He announced.

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