October 4, 2022


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Russia is conducting military maneuvers on its Ukrainian border and in Crimea

The war of the nerves continues in the East. On Tuesday, January 25, the Russian Armed Forces launched a new series of maneuvers in southern Russia, especially in Crimea, near Ukraine, on the annexed Ukrainian peninsula in 2014.

This is an operation “Collaboration” Especially include “Groups of Air Force and Anti-Aircraft, Black Sea and Caspian Navy Ships”, Said Alexander Dvornikov, commander of Russian forces in southern Russia.

Moscow, which has stationed tens of thousands of troops near Ukraine in recent months, last week announced naval maneuvers in the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific and Mediterranean, and joint exercises in Belarus on the EU border.

According to Washington, immediate danger

The latest invasion comes the day after the United States announced it was keeping its 8,500 troops on high alert, and Washington announced that the families of US diplomats would be leaving Ukraine. Russian invasion of its pro-Western neighbor.

“We look at these US actions with great concern.”, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday. To him, the United States is thus newly provoking “Increased tensions”.

Ukraine is due to receive a new ship from the United States on Tuesday, including “Equipment and ammunition for strengthening the Ukrainian Armed Forces”, According to US embassy details on Monday. This is part of a recent $ 200 million contribution by the White House.

NATO, for its part, has announced the deployment of waiting forces and the deployment of ships and warplanes to strengthen its defenses in Eastern Europe, and Russia considers its nearest Allied troops to be an existential threat.

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Westerners accuse Moscow of stationing more than 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s border in anticipation of a possible invasion, and Russia has already annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in its neighboring country after the pro – Western revolution.

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Rejection of NATO expansion

Russia has denied any involvement in the attack, but has demanded that NATO create speeches that would guarantee its expansion. It also called for the withdrawal of Atlantic Coalition forces and weapons from the Eastern European countries that joined the alliance after 1997. Moscow has promised. “The most serious consequences”I chess “Legal Concerns” Were ignored.

These demands are considered unacceptable in Europe and the United States, but Moscow’s security concerns are being taken seriously and it is certain that we want to negotiate solutions.

After a round of talksWashington is due to submit a written response to Russian requests this week. At the same time, the vigilance of US troops came as a surprise to some European leaders who were anxious not to provoke the Kremlin.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said he would like to propose “A Path to Increase” To Vladimir Putin “In the next few days”. The Kremlin confirmed an interview within the week. Paris is also holding a meeting of high-level advisers on Wednesday with Germany, Russia and Ukraine to try to revive the format of dialogue that has stalled since 2015. European diplomat Joseph Borel called for no “To dramatize” Situation.

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Restrictions are under discussion

Boris Johnson on Tuesday confirmed that the West was planning unprecedented sanctions in the event of an invasion of Ukraine. However, the Kremlin has always shown itself not to be sensitive to this kind of revenge.

A series of options were prepared by the European Commission. Russia’s gas and oil purchases, which represent 43% and 20% of EU supply, are on the table, a European source told Agence France-Presse, but the issue divides Europeans.

US President Joe Biden is considering banning Russian banks from using the dollar, which could be a major blow to the country’s finances and real economy.

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