May 17, 2022


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Russia has announced that it has destroyed a missile factory in Kiev and wants to intensify its attacks on bases in the capital.

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11:10 am : The new transfer of Russian and Ukrainian prisoners of war took place yesterday in the Kerson region of southern Ukraine, a part of the Russian-controlled part of the Ukrainian army. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, many exchanges of soldiers and civilians have already taken place, without being formally confirmed by either side.

10:34 am : Delayed (one hour, uniform) update on this morning’s news here:

“The point [d’indice] The authorities will go “Emmanuel Macron announced this on franceinfo this morning. “It will be the result of consultation and work by the government.” If re-election takes place. He said he wants the president and the re-election candidate “Move” Elimination of disability allowance. In France Bleu Vaucluse said Marine Le Pen wants to strengthen “Localism” To deal with environmental emergencies. She likes it too “Reassemble 15,000 Caregivers” Discharged from the hospital (due to the obligation of vaccination and health permit). Follow our lives.

Russia has announced that it has destroyed an arms factory on the outskirts of Q, promising to intensify attacks on the Ukrainian capital in retaliation for attacks by Ukraine on the Russian border. Moscow also claims to have killed thirty people “Polish mercenaries” The strike in the northeastern part of Ukraine comes amid rising tensions between Moscow and Warsaw. Follow our lives.

Minimum wage Will increase 2.65% automatically on May 1stThat is, due to the high inflation recorded since November, the net monthly increase of approximately 34 euros, the Ministry of Labor announced.

From Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police On the Esplanade of Mosques in Jerusalem More than a hundred were injured Amid fears of a fire in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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09:52 : “As a result of the strike, a section of (…) mercenaries were disbanded from a Polish private army company (…) in the village of Isiamske in the Kharkiv region. Up to 30 Polish mercenaries were evacuated”. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement. Follow our lives.

09:51 : Russia says it has killed about 30 people “Polish mercenaries” During the strike in northeastern Ukraine.

09:48 : “The number and size of missile strikes on Kiev bases will increase in response to all terrorist attacks and sabotage carried out on Russian territory by the nationalist regime in Kiev.” The Russian Defense Ministry has announced the destruction of a workshop for the production of ground-to-air aerial missiles at the Vizar factory.

09:45 : Russia has said it has bombed an arms factory near Q and is intensifying its offensive in the capital in retaliation for attacks on Russian territory.

07:27 : Despite the turmoil, some French companies, businessmen and politicians continue to do business in Russia. Our journalist Anne-Lore Parrell Investigation French interests in Vladimir Putin’s country.

(Grill Kudryavtsev / AFP)

08:24 : By the time you read these lines, Larissa, Anastasia and Sophie will be on a bus somewhere between France and Ukraine. In fact, after staying in Toulouse for a whole month, the mother of the family and her two daughters decided to return to their home in Kiev. It’s okay if the war is not over, the absence in the country is very strong. I was there when they were packing their bags. Report.

Sophie, Anastasia and their mother Larissa are preparing suitcases in Toulouse (hot-coron) for their return to Ukraine on April 8, 2022.  (Raphael Codett / France Info)(Raphael Codett / France Info)

06:44 : Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron “Compete in fantasy and try to seduce the French and rebuild democracy” In between Proportional, ReferendumAgain Seven years And Citizens’ Conference, note Le Figaro. It also provides daily portraits of Ukrainians after 50 days of war.

06:24 : Russia has a number of tactical nuclear weapons, less powerful than the Hiroshima bomb, and in principle “increase-de-expansion” which will first take advantage of the event using a low-powered nuclear weapon. Conflict with Westerners. But this assumption implies that “NATO is intervening militarily in Ukraine during this conflict, which was not planned as the President made clear.”The head of the CIA underlined.

06:20 : The Kremlin has stated that it is keeping its nuclear forces vigilant “But we do not really see any definite signs of deployment or military action that could aggravate our concerns.”Speaking to students at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta, the head of the leading U.S. intelligence agency added.

06:19 : “Because it is possible for President Putin and the Russian leadership to descend into despair … none of us can take lightly the threat posed by tactical nuclear weapons or the potential use of nuclear weapons of weak power.”

CIA President William Burns believes that the military setback in Ukraine will prompt Vladimir Putin to seek a tactical or low-powered nuclear weapon there.

(Brendan Smylovsky / AFP)

09:16 : Let’s create the first update on the news:

Emmanuel Macron will be the guest of honor at “Presidential Mornings” on franceinfo at 8:30 p.m. The Republican nominee will answer questions from Salhia Proglia and Mark Fowell, as well as selected witnesses from online media outlets Conpini and FranceInfo. Marine Le Pen will be the guest of honor at the Blue Vaughans of France at 7:45 am and the guest of honor at the Blue Blue Provence of France at 8:10 am. Follow our lives.

From Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police Held this morning Witnesses and rescue workers reported the espionage of the mosques in Jerusalem. “Seven injured in hospital injuries were taken to hospital”When asked about the clashes at a third holy site in Islam, also known as Temple Mount in Jewish tradition, a Palestinian Crescent official said.

The Moscow, According to Moscow, a Russian warship in the Black Sea sank last night after being hit by a Ukrainian missile due to an accidental fire. Increase in conflict Russia accuses Ukraine of bombing villages on its soil. The Pentagon has called “Hard blow” Shipwreck in the Black Sea.

Rescuers, backed by helicopters, have been pulling bodies out of the rubble of unprecedented floods that hit South Africa for four days, with new numbers. Heavy in the evening 341 died and 41,000 were injured.

A preliminary investigation Unlocked Yesterday Rape and sexual abuse Following the questionnaire conducted locally at the school Polytechnic And according to it, one in four students has been sexually abused there since he started his schooling, Evry’s attorney said. A total of eleven students claim they have been the victim of rape or attempted rape.