March 21, 2023


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Russia expects US response to ‘next week’ demands

US and Russian diplomatic leaders met at the gates of a Russian military base in Geneva on Friday, January 21, seeking a solution in Ukraine, ignoring Western warnings. The meeting between Sergei Lavrov and Anthony Blingen took place late in the morning at a palace in Geneva.

“We have agreed to provide written answers to our proposals next week.” The head of Russian diplomacy, he and the US Secretary of State insisted “Recognize the need for fair dialogue” And so on “Emotion falls”.

After that, the two decided to eat “A new connection [leur] Status “, Judgment “Advance” New summit between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden. “I do not know if we are on the right track, I will know when the answer is available”, Mr. Lavrov said again.

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Then he said no to Russia “Never, ever, anywhere threatened the Ukrainian people”, Before condemning the Ukrainian power once again “Russopop” And criticize the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for considering Ukraine “Belongs to its sphere of influence”.

Mr Blingen said he had asked his adversary for evidence that Russia did not want to invade Ukraine. America will answer “For the Russian occupation, even non-military”, Said the US Secretary of State. He said in his initial statement, The United States has vowed to continue to seek a diplomatic solution to the crisis and to respond “Integrated, fast and tough” In case of invasion of Ukraine. Mr. Lavrov said he was ready to listen “Counter-proposals, if any”.

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Russia has called for the withdrawal of NATO forces

Within 20 minutes of the start of the meeting, Russia announced from Moscow that it wanted to withdraw NATO foreign troops from Romania and Bulgaria under an agreement calling for an end to the Ukrainian crisis.

“Such a request is unacceptable and cannot be part of the negotiations,” he said. The Romanian Foreign Ministry responded in a statement. Strengthening the military presence of the Atlantic Alliance on the southeastern frontier of Europe “Totally defensive reaction to Russia’s increasingly aggressive behavior” In the region, Bucharest said. This “Despite NATO trying to engage in constructive dialogue”.

Ukraine’s military intelligence service has accused Moscow of continuing “Strengthening Combat Skills” Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, among others, tanks, artillery systems and ammunition.

Mr. Blingen arrived on the shores of Lake Geneva after a quick tour. He first traveled to Kiev to reaffirm Western support for Ukraine, and then to Berlin, where he met with German, French and British representatives to reaffirm the Allied front’s commitment.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson echoed US threats of retaliation by warning that Russia should expect spending. “Substantial and serious” In the event of a military occupation of Ukraine.

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“Make Americans Change Their Song”

State Department No. 2 Wendy Sherman is still there Has tweeted that The night the United States and its allies reached, but “Until now [leurs] Gestures of goodwill [avaient] Pushed back “.

Russian President Sergei Ryapkov told reporters in the conference room in English “Russia does not[vait] No one is afraid, not even the United States. “, When a reporter asked him what Russia fears.

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“US attempt to escalate tensions yesterday and the day before yesterday did not create the necessary conditions” For talks, he said this time in Russian. And add: “We will try to change the tone of the American people and urge them to act on our agenda in security guarantees.”

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This is the last meeting of the Intensive Diplomatic Ballet, which began in December with two talks between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden. According to Washington, Russian military incursions into Ukraine are possible as tens of thousands of troops have been stationed on the Russian-Ukrainian border for weeks.

The Kremlin denies any war hysteria, but it does reduce the extension of agreements guaranteeing NATO expansion and the latter practically retreating in Eastern Europe. A position unacceptable to Westerners.

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