November 30, 2022


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Referred to as a regulatory scheme for alleged accomplices

At EnglandInvestigators know a little more about the life-threatening man’s profile
Stabbed Friday MP David Ames. According to the British media on Saturday, the attacker was nominated for a national counter-terrorism program, but not diligently.

On suspicion, police allowed the 25-year-old to be taken into custody and interrogated until Friday Terrorism. According to the first elements, the investigation revealed that “a possible motive associated with Islamic extremism”, according to the police, they conducted raids at three addresses in the London area as part of a “continuous investigation”. .

A man was “automated” according to police

Tory MP David Ames, 69, a father of 5, was stabbed to death while receiving his members at a Methodist church in Lee-an-Sew, 37 miles east of London. The detainee is said to be Ali Harbi Ali, a British national of Somali descent. BBC.

Mentioned many years ago for the UK program for those at risk Intensification In terms of volunteerism, according to the broadcaster, he would not have been so diligent and was not officially “interested” in the National Security Agency. Police and security services believe the attacker acted alone and that he was “automated.” Sunday Times. It may have been inspired by al-Shabab, the Islamist affiliate of al-Qaeda in Somalia. Ali Harbi Ali’s father, former adviser to the Somali prime minister Sunday Times He said his son had been detained and that he was “very depressed.”

Politicians united

On Saturday evening, hundreds of people carried candles to the playground near the crime scene, paying tribute to a minute of silence in memory of the MP. As a sign of solidarity, Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition Labor leader Keer Stormer laid wreaths at the site of the tragedy on Saturday morning.

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