March 26, 2023


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Prison: The high cost of foreign prisoners

About 700 million euros a year. The number of foreign prisoners in French prisons has increased significantly over the past decade, leading to an increase in prison system costs.

Of the 69,173 prisoners listed Prisons From France to 1Er As of October 2021, the latest figures from the prison administration put the number of foreigners at 17,198. The total share of prisoners Strangers So it was 25% on this date, up from 17.2% in 2011. Of all the offenders who are not French citizens, 56% of them are from the African continent, i.e. 9,793 have been convicted.

The prisoner’s price was set at 110 euros a day, which included food, water, heating and staff costs. In total, the prison system spends about 700 million euros each year.

There is some repatriation and no penalty adjustment

Number of those deported Prisoners Foreigners never depart due to a complicated administrative procedure. A prison administration official has expressed confidence in this Le FigaroThe figures are for “about fifteen per year” and “mainly arrest warrants”.

Foreign nationals imprisoned in France are often forced to leave French territory, practically excluding them from sentencing and reunification programs.

Moreover, after their time in prison and administrative detention center, the latter were mostly released in France, which represented new costs to French society.

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