The Buckeyes passed the first hurdle on Saturday.

It wasn’t always pretty, as Ohio State lost 10-7 in the first half against Notre Dame, but they outplayed the Irish in the second inning to finish with a double-digit win at Horseshoe.

After the 21-10 win, Ryan Day, Jim Knowles and members of Buckeye’s roster took to the microphone to smash the first Crimson and Gray win of the 2022 season.

Here’s a point analysis of everything the Buckeyes discussed in the wake of Saturday’s Big Night win.

Ryan Day

  • “We just beat the No. 5 team in the country by 11 points. I couldn’t be more proud of the way we played. A lot of people questioned our strength after last year. Well, you look at the movie and be judged.”

  • “If we can keep winning matches like this, that’s how we will win.”

  • “It was an early struggle,” Day says, and the loss of Jackson Smith Njigba threw the Buckeyes in. Day credits Xavier Johnson for stepping up and scoring in the second half.

  • Day says the “ten points” were what he was most happy about during the game, referring to Ohio State’s defensive performance.

  • “I’m glad we played with them at home because this crowd was great.” Day says seeing all the former players and fans in the boot gave the Buckeyes energy.

  • “We hope to get back” Julian Fleming and JS Saint-Germain this week, Day says.

  • Dai describes Xavier Johnson as “a throwback player” and “shows you that good things happen to good people who work hard. That’s Xavier.”

  • “We have to be able to win like we do.” Day says Notre Dame is built like many teams in the Big Ten, and the Buckeyes “should be able to win ugly on offense and stop running on defense.”

  • “It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t the way we painted it, but we won,” Day says.

  • “We wanted to be known for something more than just a talent,” Day says. Day says Trevon Henderson and Mian Williams “run hard” and “were determined” at the end of the match. Day says Williams had a “really good start” and had a “hard-earned 84” yards.

  • Day says the Buckeyes have to be able to run the ball and play defense to reach their goals this season, and they showed that tonight.

Tommy Eichenberg, Lathan Ransom, Emeka Igboka

  • Igboka: “We had no expectations about entering the match, our only expectation was to win… We will be something special.”

  • Egbuka on Xavier Johnson: “Love the X, man. The X really turned out to be other gear.”

  • Egbuka says Ohio State has the best WR room in America and everyone who took to the field tonight played great.

  • Vidya: “We’ve been called mushy for the past year and we’ve just had to sit there and eat it.” Ransom says the Buckeyes were finally able to show what they made against Notre Dame.

  • Igboka says he “had absolutely no worries” about entering the first half and “knew we were going to win”.

  • Eichenberg says DT Mike Hall played “hard” on Saturday.

CJ Stroud, Xavier Johnson, Mike Hall

  • “The first games are always weird,” Stroud says. “It’s kind of weird to be there again, to be honest.” “We are lucky to be 1-0,” says Stroud.

  • “Xavier Johnson is a dog,” Stroud says. “He was one of the first people to take me under his wing when I first got to school.”

  • Johnson says that being a “man of God” is my “strength”. Johnson says, “It’s all for the team, and glory be to God.”

  • “I really gave it my all,” Hall says at the season opener. Hall says the Buckeyes family tried to stop the run because that’s what Coach Mick has been preaching on and off the field for months.

  • Johnson says there were “countless nights” where he thought about “throwing in the towel” and giving up a soccer game, but his faith helped him do so.

  • “At the end of the day, I feel like[my O line]did a great job up front,” Stroud says. Stroud says the Buckeyes didn’t get a passing pass until the end of the game. However, he said he is still pleased with Ohio State’s win over the nation’s No. 5 team.

  • “I’m willing to put my head on the chopping board so this team can take the win,” Stroud says, dashing in the pocket a lot on Saturday.

Jim Knowles

  • “What makes me most happy is the fact that they never flinched.” Knowles says one or two of the missed plays “didn’t affect them at all.”

  • About Ransom’s performance, Knowles says “we’ve seen it from every camp.” “Lathan looked sexy” and “looked ready for the game,” Knowles says, which is why he played so much more than Josh Proctor on Saturday.

  • “I think our running defense was gritty, and really dominated the line of scrimmage.” Knowles says he is “really pleased” with Buckeye’s D-line set, midfielders and safety.

  • Knowles says the Buckeye players will celebrate that win, but “I’m not really going to do that.” “Our players expected this, I expected it,” Knoll says.

  • And on defensive performance in general: “I’m not surprised, we expected it.”

  • Knowles says the Buckeyes didn’t do much with Jack’s mode tonight, even though it was effective when they used it.

  • “I think they definitely showed toughness.”

  • On Mike Hall, Knowles says, “It was quite annoying during camp and we get feedback from our offensive team guys, and they’ll tell you how hard it is.”