June 8, 2023


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Positive to Kovit-19, the couple escaped from an isolated hotel and were arrested shortly before the flight departed from the Netherlands.

Forty? More for them! The Dutch gendermay announced the arrest on Sunday Flight Schiphol at Amsterdam Airport Passengers who were positive for Covit-19 from South Africa were a couple who “escaped” from an isolated hotel. “The arrests took place while the plane was about to take off,” the Royal Constable (Gendermary) said on Twitter, adding that the couple had been handed over to health officials.

The two passengers, who were arrested on Sunday, were among 61 passengers who tested positive for Covit-19 on Saturday after landing in South Africa. They are isolated in a hotel near the airport. “The Omicron variant has so far been identified In 13 positive tests. But the investigation is not over yet. The new variant can be found in other models, ”the National Institute of Public Health (RIVM) said on Sunday.

According to the Dutch newspaper Telegraph, Security guards generally ensure that those who have been tested for Covit-19 stay in their rooms. Outside, they are being monitored by the police. No one still knows how the couple got out of the hotel or how the guards were notified of their escape. Dutch television channel At 5 p.m. Says the couple were on a flight to Spain when they were arrested.

The investigation should determine the circumstances of this leak. “It is currently difficult to know whether the couple will be prosecuted,” At5 said. In theory, the couple faces up to four years in prison for violating their isolation.

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