October 2, 2022


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PM wanted to “eliminate doubt” drug test negative

Channa Marin was at the center of a controversy after her partying video surfaced.

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Channa Marin does not take drugs. Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin, amid controversy after airing a video of herself partying in a private setting, has tested negative for drugs, her entourage announced on Monday (August 22). Special Adviser to the Prime Minister Ida Vallin said that Madame Marin’s urine was tested for various drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis and opioids. “The test was a comprehensive test. We didn’t choose how the test was conducted.”said Ida Vallin.

The Prime Minister had undergone a drug test on Friday to clear suspicions of drug use. She said there is “Spent an evening with friends” And there were videos “Filmed at Private Locations”. He admitted to drinking but denied taking drugs. “In my life, even in my youth, I have never taken drugs”she said.

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