August 18, 2022


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Picture-in-picture mode rolls out to YouTube for more iPhone and iPad users

Picture-in-picture mode rolls out to YouTube for more iPhone and iPad users

Google has announced that YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode for iOS and iPadOS, which lets you watch videos in a floating window while using other apps, is rolling out to more people. according to Share in the community On Monday, people using iOS 15 should start seeing the feature soon, although there is some hashing in its availability.

YouTube Premium subscribers should get access to the feature no matter where they live in the world – as long as it An area where you can get YouTube Premium, of course – and they will be able to use it to watch any type of content. For non-paying YouTubers, YouTube only states that Picture-in-Picture is available in the US. However, within the US, the company says that “everyone who uses the YouTube app on iPhone and iPad” will get the feature but it will only be usable for “non-music content”. If you use Android, you probably use it This feature has been for yearsAnd YouTube says nothing has changed about that day.

This news can be a bit confusing for some Premium subscribers (like me) who have been able to access picture-in-picture mode for a long time via A variety of styles. In June 2021, The company said The feature has been making its way to the app for paying customers and it plans to offer picture-in-picture to its free users as well. by AugustIt was available as a beta feature that Premium subscribers can enable. Then, in April 2022, YouTube finished the experimentUsers will not be able to sign up to use the feature. in time, The company said He will have more details to share about the feature ‘soon’.

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All this means is that it was a bit of a bumpy road to get to this ad today (although some of us enabled it last year and have been using it ever since). YouTube acknowledges that in its tweets and blog posts, saying it recognizes it has “been slow to roll out a much-needed feature”. The company has also given itself some wiggle room so that this phase will take some time as well – Tweet her He says the feature is “rolling out slowly,” though her blog post is more specific, saying it should be rolling out “within the next several days.”

To see if you can access the feature, go to the YouTube app, try playing a video and then leave the YouTube app to go to your home screen or another app. If Picture-in-Picture is enabled for your account, the video should automatically appear in a floating window. You can also check out the feature by tapping on your profile picture at the top right of the YouTube app, and going to Settings > generaland check the switch labeled “Picture-in-Picture”.