May 26, 2022


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Paraguay’s drug prosecutor was killed while on a honeymoon in Colombia

The theatrical scene took place on the private beach of a palace, in the middle of tourists and in front of the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Marcelo Becky, a Paraguayan lawyer specializing in the fight against drug trafficking, was assassinated on Tuesday, May 10, in Colombia by assassins who landed on a jet-sky off the coast of the Colombian island of Baru, where he spent his honeymoon.

Five Colombian investigators have been dispatched to the scene to carry out investigations with the support of Paraguay and the United States, Colombian Police Chief General George Luis Vargas told reporters earlier in the afternoon. , Who did not specify. The exact circumstances of the massacre.

Mr. Pechi, 45, married Colombian journalist Claudia Aguilera on April 30 in Cartagena and posted photos of their wedding on her Twitter account. His wife confirmed his death in a short interview with Colombian radio.

“Two people came [depuis la mer] On a boat, they approached and opened fire, before fleeingShe explained. “A guard wanted to intervene and they shot him too”. The lawyer did not speak “No threat came”She simply added.

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The hotel complex where the couple was staying issued a statement giving further details “The killers came by jet-ski to the beach in front of the establishment (…).

In the last photo posted before the tragedy on the young woman’s Instagram account, the couple embraced on the beach, with a pair of baby shoes on the front, the newlywed couple expecting a baby.

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“Regular Mafia”

According to Sofia Lopez, Paraguayan Ambassador to Colombia “Relocation” From the body of lawyer Pechi to his country “Will not happen immediately”, Due to the requirements of the investigation. The lawyer was on a trip “Private” The ambassador told the Colombian media that no meeting was planned during his stay.

On Tuesday afternoon, Colombian police released a photo of one of the alleged killers, wearing black Bermuda shorts and a brown Panama hat over his head. Mr. Vargas noted that the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is working with Colombian and Paraguayan officials.“Get as much information as possible” On this crime. Police have announced a reward of up to $ 488,000 (46 465,000) for information leading to the killings.

On Twitter, Paraguayan President Mario Apto Benitez condemned the incident “The cowardly assassination of lawyer Marcelo Becky in Colombia” WHO “The whole of Paraguay is saddened”. “We strongly condemn this heinous act and redouble our commitment to the fight against organized crime.”The President promised.

“Either way [les assassins] The way they acted, was common to the Mafia. I do not see any other explanation (…)Said Augusto Salas, president of the Paraguayan Public Lawyers Association.

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Speaking on Colombian radio, Sandra Quinones, Attorney General of Paraguay, recalled receiving her murdered colleague. “Important Beliefs” During his Eleven years against drug trafficking and transnational crimes. “He wanted to enjoy his honeymoon in solitude, which is why he has no security.” Around him. “He was a great friend (…) He told me his wife was going to have a baby.Confirmed Mr.Me Quinones.

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Cooperation between Paraguay and Colombia

A “Board of Police” Colombian General George Luis Vargas said he would travel to Colombia, Paraguay, to participate in the Colombian trial.

Colombian President Evan Duke has condemned the assassination through his Twitter account and promised to contact his prime minister in Paraguay. “All cooperation [nécessaire] Need to find those responsible.

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Mr. Pecci is a lawyer who specializes in organized crime, drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorist financing. He was known for his involvement Football player Ronaldinho jailed for entering Paraguay with false documents between March and August 2020.

Paraguay and Colombia have strengthened their cooperation against international organized crime in recent years. Despite battling cartels and drug traffickers for decades, Colombia remains the world’s leading producer and exporter of cocaine.

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