June 8, 2023


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On the border between Belarus and Poland, thousands of migrants were targeted by water cannons and tear gas.

The situation indicates an escalation of tensions, which could indicate a migrant crisis. On Tuesday (November 16) members of the Polish security forces used tear gas and water cannons to push back migrants trying to cross the border from Belarus and Warsaw. “Attack” Forces with stones.

Polish officials say three people have been wounded in the lineup of security forces: a border guard, a soldier and a police officer, who may have suffered skull fractures in the clashes. In the morning, there is the Polish Ministry of Defense Has tweeted that :

“Kuznica: Immigrants are attacking our soldiers and officers with stones and trying to destroy the fence to enter Poland. Our forces used tear gas to end the attack on immigrants.”

Read the interview: The article is reserved for our subscribers Belarus, Ukraine: “The current crisis is the most serious we have known for thirty years.”

About four thousand immigrants gathered at the border

On November 16, 2021, Polish soldiers fired tear gas near Grodno, Belarus.

According to Polish border guards, about 4,000 migrants are currently camped on the border between Belarus and the European Union (EU) every day due to the cold and worsening conditions.

The ministry said Belarusian forces were trying to clear fences on the shared border between the two countries, while the interior ministry released a video showing immigrants trying to tear down the fence. The Border Protection Agency released a video on Twitter showing water cannon at the border targeting a group of immigrants.

Moscow on Tuesday condemned the use of Polish water cannon and tear gas to disperse migrants. “Polish behavior is completely unacceptable”Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters. “They violate all legal standards”, He added.

Warsaw accused it of “blocking any progress towards a solution.”

“The purpose of the Polish side is very clear: they want to make the situation worse and prevent any progress towards a solution.”, For his part, blamed Anatoly Glass Warsaw, spokeswoman for Belarusian diplomacy. “Provocations” And “Inhumane treatment of the poor”.

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The European Union (EU) has accused Belarusian authorities of plotting the current crisis in retaliation for Western sanctions in retaliation for unprecedented domestic political repression. “Government system [du président] Lukashenko instructs the diaspora in an inhumane and shameless attempt to destabilize and divide the EU. This is intolerable and unacceptable. “, Condemned French Prime Minister Jean Costex on Tuesday. Brussels and Washington on Monday announced their intention to extend the punitive measures taken against Belarus in the coming days.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Monday condemned European behavior and denied any responsibility for the crisis, but promised on Monday that repatriates would return. “The important thing today is to protect our country and our people and to avoid conflict.”, He said Tuesday, the state-owned Belda news agency reported. “This problem should not turn into a heated conflict. “

Deportation of 200 men by Iraq

His interview the day beforeMe Merkel marked the victory of the Belarusian leader, who in August 2020 has since refused to speak to the West since the slanderous re-election. On Tuesday, the Kremlin reported that he had spoken again on the phone with the Russian representative. “Exchange on the border migration crisis continues between Belarus and the EU, taking into account Lukashenko’s conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel the previous day.”, Read in his press release.

On November 16, 2021, a Polish soldier fired tear gas near Grodno, Belarus.

The Iraqi embassy in Moscow announced its role on Tuesday“About two hundred” Its compatriots, including women and children, are due to be deported from Belarus on Thursday. Baghdad explained that such flights, on a voluntary basis, would be arranged from this week. Many immigrants who have frequently paid for travel loans say they are determined to stay, despite limited access to basic necessities. Charities say at least eleven of them have died on both sides of the border since the summer.

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A state of emergency in Poland in early September prevented journalists and human rights defenders from crossing the border. In Belarus, journalists face stricter restrictions, which reduce their ability to report, and only a few are on the border.

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