March 21, 2023


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Omigron: Record pollution, BA2 variant, hospitalized children more than seniors … “What is Denmark playing” removing its restrictions?

The situation with the Kovit-19 epidemic is far from over, and Denmark has decided to lift most of its sanctions next week. Neighbors are worried.

A bridge separates Denmark from Sweden, however, these days the two Scandinavian countries seem to differ significantly from each other in managing the health crisis.

Denmark has announced that it will lift most of its restrictions these days (especially on wearing masks and reopening bars and restaurants) starting next Monday. Still, the epidemic is still a long way off. In the same vein, Sweden has announced that it will extend its control measures for another two weeks. Opportunity to calculate the Danish situation.

Record contamination and BA2

Denmark faces a steady increase in pollution. As in France, they never rose. Yet the country lived under restrictions. The appearance of Omicron’s subtype BA2 seems to have accelerated the number of new positive cases. When out of control, the epidemic forced Denmark to reconsider its strategy and support joint immunity.
Danish health officials (SSI for Statins Serum Company) hope that amid strong vaccine and improvements in all forms of Omigran, the immunity of the population in Denmark will arrive in the coming weeks. “Infection rates will decrease because it will be more difficult to find those infected with the virus,” said SSI Director Tyra Grove Cross.

Whether vaccinated or viral, the risk of re-infection with other variants and immunity remains limited over time. Denmark hopes this will be enough to allow a glimpse of good weather without a strong relapse of the epidemic.

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Hospital admissions are on the rise among children

It may be a black spot in Denmark in the next few weeks: in the frenzied circulation of the virus, the incidence rates are erupting across all ages and, inevitably, it is felt in the hospital of patients diagnosed with severe forms.

Therefore, the SSI map has been feeding social networks for a few days now, and since the beginning of this year the age group of children (0-2 years old) has been the most affected by the proportion of hospital admissions. . The 0-2 year curve explodes everything else, especially the +80 years. Unthinkable a few weeks ago!

Well now this is worrying.

Denmark sees a * rapid * increase in the number of hospital admissions.

Most of the children have been admitted to the hospital.

The world must be screaming.

– Gabriel Hebert-Mild u2122 u24e5 (Gab_H_R) January 26, 2022

It may be a hidden effect of the BA2 subtype, which is not yet known to be more contagious and dangerous than Omicron.

But, like France, while all other indicators are in panic, Denmark is watching the decline in hospital admissions to critical care units. It was this data that led the Danish leaders to remove most of the restrictions.

“What’s wrong with the Daniels?”

However, this decision seems quick in the eyes of Denmark’s neighbors. The German newspaper Bildt asked: “What’s wrong with the Danes?” In Germany, the country is surprised at the vaccine duty at a time when new pollution records are still being broken.

The Swedish press is also surprised. The Scandinavian editorial, in crisis, recalled that Denmark was “always one step ahead of the rest.”
“What happens in Denmark will happen anywhere else in two weeks.”

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Once again, by Govt, many believe that the certainty of that day is not for the next day …