February 5, 2023


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Olaf Scholz says international pressure has forced Vladimir Putin to back down on nuclear weapons

Vladimir Putin recognizes a “protracted” conflict

Vladimir Putin acknowledged on Wednesday that there is conflict in Ukraine “long”When boasting “Significant Results” He talks about the unification of the four Ukrainian regions. “Of course, it’s a long process.”The Russian president said during a televised meeting with his Council on Civil Society and Human Rights, a pro-Kremlin legislature.

The offensive launched in February was supposed to end in a lightning Russian victory, but the Ukrainian army, fueled by Western weapons, forced Russia to abandon the capture of Kyiv in the spring, and then retreated in several regions in the autumn. Responding to one of his interlocutors, Vladimir Putin on Wednesday referred to the annexation of new territories. “Significant result for Russia”.

“The Sea of ​​Azov has become an inland sea, which is a serious matter”, he declared this sea on the southeastern border of Russia and Ukraine, of which Moscow now controls all shores. President Putin has indicated that the four Ukrainian regions will be annexed by the end of September, although Russia only partially controls them and fighting has raged with Kiev’s forces there. This month, the Russian army had to withdraw from Kherson, the capital of the region of the same name, although Moscow considers it its own.

The Kremlin has denied that its offensive against Ukraine is aimed at seizing new territories, saying it wants to protect its Russian-speaking population and wants to end the alliance between Kiev and the West.

A few minutes ago, during the same meeting through video conference, Mr. Putin mobilized 300,000 reservists, citizens, only half of whom were immediately demobilized in Ukraine. “Out of 300,000 of our mobilized fighters, our men, defenders of the homeland, 150,000 are in the operational area.”The Russian leader said 77,000 people were directly involved in the war.

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