May 17, 2022


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Nomura explains why Sora looks so realistic

Nomura explains why Sora looks so realistic

Kingdom Hearts IV Sora is amazed by his child's old, anime-like face.

When Square Enix revealed Kingdom Hearts IV during the WeekendIt looked…different. The hero Sora was realistically searching for the emo nerfed kicks While lounging in an apartment in Shibuya already existing. But fans were quick to point out that there were likely traditional reasons explaining the new graphic style, and now series creator Tetsuya Nomura has explained what’s really going on.

The Kingdom Hearts IV The show takes place in a world called Quadratum, a place that is very similar to our reality that works like the afterlife for the protagonist of the series. Nomura said in New interview with Famitsu according to Translation VGC. “But from the population’s point of view on the quadratic side, the world of the Quadratum is the reality, and the world in which Sora and the others were is the other side, the imaginary world.”

The Kingdom Hearts The director goes on to explain that Goofy and Donald are currently searching for Sora, and that the hero with the keys may appear as his old self again if he returns to his original reality. In other words, just like the character himself, Sora’s clown shoes might not be gone forever either. Kingdom Hearts IV It marks the beginning of an entirely new saga following the conclusion of the previous trilogy, however, nothing is off the table.

Fans began searching for some mysteries surrounding the Quadratum as soon as the new trailer dropped. While its modern decorations have fallen out of the left field of franchise spectators, references to the Quadratum have been permeated throughout. Recent entriesThey often describe it as “unrealistic” that transcends light and darkness. Kingdom Hearts III‘s secret ending It even takes players straight there, although things still don’t look quite as realistic as in the last trailer.

Kingdom Hearts III The PS4 was originally teased again at E3 2013, the year the console came out, but it wasn’t released until 2018. Meanwhile, the development team switched from Luminous Engine to Unreal 4, and delays and turmoil definitely made an appearance in the final product. It was easy then wrong Kingdom Hearts IVIt looks more realistic as a result of new technology and hardware, but as fans expected and now Nomura explained, it’s a design choice driven as much by tradition as anything else.

Since the trailer came out, fans have been celebrating square “glow” from the last Kingdom Hearts characters, as well as making their own. some are seriousAnd Others are memes. But the biggest question of all is what Goofy and Donald will look If they get there, and whether any of us will be able not to see it.

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