June 9, 2023


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New York City’s mayor responds after the Empire State Building is lit up in the Eagles’ colors after the NFC Championship

New York City's mayor responds after the Empire State Building is lit up in the Eagles' colors after the NFC Championship
The Empire State Building

Many families across the five boroughs of new york city – particularly those who swear their allegiance to New York Giants Watch and view a file Philadelphia Eagles They prevailed 28-7 to win the NFC Championship Game and earn the right to play in Super Bowl LVII. To make matters worse, one of the city’s most iconic landmarks has even gone for his coat in celebration of another trip to the Super Bowl for the neighboring city down Interstate 95.

After the Eagles won the NFC Championship Game, the Empire State Building was lit up in the Eagles’ colors in celebration—to the dismay of many New Yorkers who responded to the photo from the building’s official Twitter account.

During his Monday appearance on CNN This Morning, New York Mayor Eric Adams agreed that the decision to pick the Eagles’ colors was not a good one.

“It eluded us the way the Eagles’ game with the Giants got away with it. We should have—we should have lit up the Giants’ colors with real code. That blue should have been there.” He said.

“Unfortunately, nobody got the memo at the Empire State Building. But we want to see good sportsmanship. The Giants will be back next year and the Jets will be back. We’ll be excited when they rebuild their teams.”

The Empire State Building was lit up only in the colors of the Eagles which led to more knife-twisting for many New Yorkers, as the Giants and Eagles have long been mortal enemies. And over the past decade, the Eagles have happily tormented the Giants, including in the NFC Divisional Round last week when they demolished the Philadelphia Giants 38-7 to complete the season sweep and shut out the playoff run.

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Meanwhile, the Giants have only defeated the Eagles twice since 2017 and haven’t won a game in Philadelphia since 2013.