January 21, 2022


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New heat record in western Canada

After suffocation under a historic hotspot this summer, parts of western Canada have hit new highs of mercury this week at 22.5 ° C. This temperature was reported in the Pentagon in central British Columbia in western Canada, where it experienced several months of repeated intense weather events.

“This is an achievement, otherwise it will equate to a record” Argentil France-Presse (AFP) Armel Castellan, an environmental Canada meteorologist, said on Thursday that it was pre-1982 in Ontario.

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The Pentagon, with a population of about 33,000, is located a few hundred kilometers northerly about 250 kilometers northeast of Vancouver, with a record high of 49.6 ° C in Canada at the end of June, and 90% destroyed. By wildfire. At the Pentagon, “The complete record is 11.2 2012 C in 2012, then the maximum temperature yesterday was 22.5 C, so this is definitely a record ”, Environment Canada Meteorologist AFP Gregory Yang said.

This part of the interior of British Columbia was also affected by the heatwave this summer. “Historical”More than 500 lives were lost, followed by major fires. “Since September, we have been getting a lot of heat from the subtropics.”, Explained Armel Castellon.

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For about a week, a “Atmospheric river” Landing in southwestern British Columbia. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places in the province in mid-November, officials said.

Extraordinary winter heat in the United States

Recent studies have shown that some heat waves are directly responsible for climate change. Therefore, an unusual heat wave in Canada in June, with temperatures approaching 50 C. “Almost impossible” According to global meteorological scientists, without warming.

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Unusual winter temperatures spread across the northwestern United States, with December temperatures breaking or equaling Wednesday in various parts of Washington, Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota. The temperature there may be almost 20 degrees higher than normal. This hot front is moving toward the center of the country, for example 20 ° C on Thursday afternoon in Omaha, Nebraska.

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The U.S. West, especially in California, has been experiencing increasingly significant weather hazards in recent years. Therefore, state officials plan to set up a heat wave warning system from 2022, which will categorize each of these episodes according to the number of feared deaths in order to improve preventive measures. Like hurricanes, each of these events is given a name and a danger code.

More than just saying “It will be 40.5 C”, Indicating the warning “How many people are going to die here”, Summarizes in Washington Post Larry Kalkstein, scientific adviser to the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation, who promotes the initiative. Mr. Calstein’s group predicts three types of heat waves; With a mortality increase of 0% to 10%, the occurrence of index 1 does not present a major risk; Type 3 can be very dangerous, compared to the exceptional heat wave that hit northwestern America and British Columbia in June.

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