August 16, 2022


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Nets seek ‘historic journey’ for Kevin Durant

Nets seek 'historic journey' for Kevin Durant

There was a “ferociousness” in Networks‘Front office Thursday night also called many teams with commercial presentations to Kevin Durantsaid ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski at the Sports Center (Twitter link).

Durant’s response around the league Trade order It was immediate and intense like More than half of the league Submit inquiries. Wojnarowski said it created an unprecedented situation where some teams contacted Brooklyn with offers and later called to increase those offers without getting a counter from the Nets.

“There has never been a player of Durant’s stature at this point in his career available to trade, certainly in the modern era,” Wojnarowski said, adding that Brooklyn aims for a “historic distance” in return.

He reported that the Nets base their asking price on what the Clippers gave Oklahoma City for Paul George (giljus alexander teaAnd the Danilo Galinari and five first-round picks) and what the Lakers paid New Orleans for Anthony Davis (Lonzo PoolAnd the Brandon IngramAnd the Josh Hart and three choices from the first round).

Voinarovsky said the nets “want more.”

There is more on Durant:

  • Wojnarowski said on ESPN’s that watching the Warriors win the championship played a role in Durant’s desire to leave Brooklyn. “He woke up.” This has contributed to the narrative that Durant cannot win alone and is stuck in a dysfunctional situation with the net. Durant reportedly requested a “change of scenery” when he met the royal on Thursday.
  • Appearing this morning on ESPN’s “KJMBrian Windhurst indicated a “high probability of 90 percent” that the networks would honor Durant’s commercial request, and said that any deal involving Keri Irving You may have to wait for Durant to move. Irving just wants to go to Lakersbut this means that the nets have to take Russell Westbrookwho earns about $11 million more than Irving, and putting in another payout for Brooklyn won’t be easy.
  • on me “He woke up,” Windhorst expected Durant’s trade to include at least three teams. Citing potential networks-suns The deal, saying the match isn’t perfect and both teams are likely to make calls to expand trade and see if they can get the assets they want. This could “freeze action for a while” across the league as multiple teams consider getting involved, Windhurst adds. One advantage of Phoenix, Windhorst notes, is that it controls all future draft picks and can offer up to four draft picks and three selective swaps. That could encourage several teams to help facilitate Durant’s deal. Phoenix is ​​believed to be Durant’s favorite landing spot.
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