June 9, 2023


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Moscow promises a “tough” response to European sanctions against Russia

This is the largest non-military embargo the West can take against Moscow. Swift’s disconnection of Russia from the Interbank network ensures that this essential coke in the global fund, especially for payment orders and financial transactions between banks. This “nuclear weapon”, which will deal a severe blow to the Russian economy, is “an option” for Joe Biden, who stressed that Europeans share that “this is not the (current) position”. According to him, other sanctions announced by the United States and their allies on Thursday “had more or less impact” than Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelenzky’s wishes. According to a European ambassador quoted by the AFP, several member states, including Italy, Hungary and Cyprus, are refusing to do so immediately, preferring to set aside the move for future series of sanctions.

“It is very important that we determine the actions that have been taken in recent weeks and save everything in the situation where we have to do other things,” said German Chancellor Olaf Scholes.

Joseph Borel, the head of EU diplomacy, was pleased to announce that “it is up to the government and its leaders to decide.”

Ukraine: Russian banks exempt from Western dual-point SWIFT against Putin

The second largest country in the world in the number of users.

According to the site of the Russian national association Rosswift, Russia is the second largest user of 300 Russian banks and organizations after the United States. More than half of the Russian credit institutions are represented in Swift, which is cited by this source

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Opponents of Russia’s withdrawal from the Swift organization “will keep the blood of innocent Ukrainian men, women and children in their hands,” Dmitry Kuleba, head of Ukrainian diplomacy, ruled in a tweet.

Barriers aimed at finance, energy and transportation

On the other hand, they announced at the conclusion of the summit in Brussels on Thursday, July 27, that they had approved a new series of sanctions against Russia, which would have “massive consequences” targeting the finance, energy and transport sectors.

“The fact that Russia is being stifled and hit in the heart by economic and financial measures will, in the long run, be much stronger than any intervention,” said French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. , Said in TF1. “I think the set of actions to be taken is huge, very spectacular, very heavy and very effective.”

Recognized by European leaders in close coordination with EU allies and allies, these measures include dual-use goods (both civilian and military) and the issuance of visas, without elaborating on the restrictions. The list of those without access to EU territory and their assets will be disabled.

EU government and government leaders also want to “urgently prepare and accept additional sanctions and sanctions” against Belarus, which has been accused of invading Ukraine. Belarus is an ally of Moscow, which shares a border with Ukraine, far from the Belarusian capital Kiev, according to the United States, which says Belarus is already under European sanctions following the repression of the opposition movement in 2020. Arrival of immigrants accused of organizing Minsk 2021 on EU borders.

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Ukraine: Today Russia can not do without gas, according to Pouyanné (TotalEnergies)

Restrictions on Putin being “barred from the international scene” (Biden)

For his part, Joe Biden on Thursday announced a series of new sanctions targeting Russian banks, the elite and exports, which will make Putin “a major figure in the international scene.” The United States will impose sanctions and sanctions on Russia, and the president has promised to impose “severe costs on the Russian economy immediately and in the long run.” Earlier, TheHe announced on Twitter on Thursday that G7 leaders had agreed to impose sanctions during their virtual meeting.Destructive“To Russia.

He said in a speech from the White House that four additional Russian banks would be allowed and that more than half of Russia’s technical imports would be reduced.

“We are adding names to the list of allowed Russian (elite) and their family members,” said the White House landlord.

Vladimir Putin’s personal admission is “at the table”, Joe Biden reiterated, not wanting to give further details.

What is the economic relationship between France and Russia?

Moscow promises a “tough” response to European sanctions

Russia will not stand idly by. Moscow has promised a “tough” response to European sanctions against the Kremlin, saying it will not “stop” aiding separatists in the war against Ukraine.

“In accordance with the mutual principle underlying international law, we will take strict retaliatory measures,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

He added that “the EU’s friendly actions against Russia (…) will not prevent the gradual development of relations between Moscow and the separatists in Ukraine and will” provide assistance to the latter. “

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Putin needs to understand that Is NATO “Nuclear Alliance”,

Vladimir Putin needs to understand that Is NATO French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told TF1 on Thursday. When it is said to support the strategy of sanctions rather than military intervention.

“President Putin has denied Russia’s signature because all actions taken violate the promises made by Russia,” said the head of French diplomacy. “He is violating his personal obligations to each other. He is a cynic and he is a dictator.”

“I think Vladimir Putin should also understand that the Atlantic Alliance is a nuclear alliance. I will not say more about that,” he added. Responding to Russian President’s threats about the consequences of external intervention in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

EU leaders and heads of state meet in Brussels to discuss new penal measures against Moscow. Jean-Yves Le Drian defended the effectiveness of sanctions.