June 8, 2023


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More than 800 immigrants are landing in Sicily

The migrants were rescued aboard the ship “Sea I4” by the German charity Sea I. Another ship, theOcean Viking, Is searching the port with more than 300 immigrants this Sunday.

More than 800 migrants rescued by a humanitarian ship in the Mediterranean landed in Tropani, Sicily this Sunday, most of whom will be transferred in two isolated boats.

Members of the Red Cross helped the emigrants, some wrapped in blankets, others barefoot and left the ship. Sea Eye4 The German voluntary organization CI asked for permission to dock after rescuing migrants during various operations. Some were raising their hands to show their joy as the ship entered the port of Tropani in western Sicily. Others, sitting with their feet on the edge, looked tired and overwhelmed.

Ship Sea Eye4 He had already rescued nearly 400 people stranded at sea on Wednesday while helping a wooden boat that was in danger of sinking on Thursday. He was allowed to disembark just hours after a humanitarian organization delivered emergency relief supplies, including food and blankets, to the boat, and after several appeals for help, it said. For the German NGO AFP. After the Covit-19 tests, adults without health problems will be isolated on vessels specially designed for isolation activities.

Immigrant landings are on the rise in Italy

L ‘Ocean Viking, A ship managed by SOS Méditerranée, meanwhile, was searching a port on Sunday with more than 300 people rescued. “The medical team expects an increase in health problems for the 306 people still on board due to bad weather», SOS Mediterranean said on Twitter.

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According to the Interior Ministry, nearly 55,000 immigrants have landed in Italy since the beginning of this year, down from 30,000 in 2020.