December 3, 2022


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Modern Warfare II disc is almost empty

Modern Warfare II disc is almost empty

A soldier walks through a field while the image is slowly being destroyed.

picture: Activision / Kotaku

Players who obtained early physical copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II You mentioned that the included discs contain only about 72MB of data, forcing players to go online and download another 100GB of data to actually play the game.

officially, Modern Warfare II Not out until tomorrow. But as usual, a few copies of the military shooter coming from the warehouse slipped a little early and ended up in the hands of some lucky players. In theory, this disc should contain the game drive, digitally released earlyIt should also include multiplayer, which launches in full for everyone tomorrow on the official release date. But as I mentioned EurogamerAnd the This is not the case. Instead, players who obtained early copies of Modern Warfare II They found out that the disc was blank and they would have to download and install the entire game online before they could play.

Kotaku I contacted Activision regarding these dummy discs and whether the company plans to offer physical retail copies of the game in the future.

Modern Warfare II– After last update – It’s over 150 GB when you include campaign and multiplayer. (This does not include what has not yet been released Warzone 2.0 It will be released in November.) While some players will be able to download the game easily and quickly, for others, the large file size may take hours or days to download and may cause them to exceed their current internet data cap. Another problem as pointed out Eurogameris that in some parts of the world, energy costs are rising rapidly, and letting a large, next-gen console run for hours to download a game can be costly.

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But even if everyone in the world has great internet, low energy bills, and tons of free time to wait MW 2 For download, it won’t change how annoying this virtual disc mode is. It ends up making it difficult to legally maintain console versions of the game, which is another blow keep the game. Sure, this isn’t the first time a publisher has shipped nearly blank discs, but it’s still annoying that it’s happening again because it’s making games more difficult to maintain for one of the world’s biggest franchises.

Plus, what happens when the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 servers die one day? Well, you can probably guess. Unless Activision changes something in the future, the disc and all 72MB of its data will just become a paperweight once the servers die. At least you can play the other 46 Call of duty Toys also called MOdern Warfare While that.

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