May 19, 2022


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Mets offseason dreams dashed into reality with Jacob Degrom injury

Mets offseason dreams dashed into reality with Jacob Degrom injury

The concept is always very nice. If you are a sports fan, the perfect odds come first. dreams. They all come before the games. before reality.

Think about what if you were a Nets fan the day they got James Harden last season. I started doing the math about what everything would look like over an extended period. Upside attack. The diabolical decisions opponents will have to make in the cover. The scoreboard flutters relentlessly.

It turned out that it was 16 matches. Turns out it totaled 365 minutes due to injury and COVID restrictions and this year’s Harden trade to Philly finally annihilated the dream scenarios altogether.

Now we’re here with the Mets. There was that day shortly before closing when the Mets pushed Steve Cohen dollars in front of Max Scherzer – making him the richest annual player ever and not a penny or dollar. This was the first time you could imagine a degroom, a scherzer, a scherzer, and a degroom. This was the first time you could think of a three-match streak and what an opponent might think when they looked at the two Novices and five Cy Youngs among the dirtiest things ever recorded.

They were there over two weeks ago. Side by side on practice piles just outside the main court in Clover Park. Both are in Mets uniforms. It’s not a theory anymore. Showalter revealed that Degrom will get the national team in the opening match on April 7, and Scherzer will take part in the second game against his old team. The biggest concern at the time was worrying about figuring out how to watch Scherzer’s picnic on Apple TV+.

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Even this was not the biggest problem.

Jacob Degrom
Jacob Degrom
Cory Sibkin

Degrom reported a shoulder strain on Thursday. Went for an MRI exam on Friday. The result, the Mets announced, His reaction was a strain on his shoulder. DeGrom is now set to not pick up a baseball game for up to four weeks. Therefore, the sunniest forecast brings him back in a spin around Memorial Day.

This was revealed on April Fools’ Day, but this wasn’t a joke on Mr. Finch’s level. Non-fiction Mets player, Degrom, was to be turned away once again. He did not play after July 7 last season due to an elbow injury, curtailing what was considered one of the best seasons in history.

How far can the Mets get out of Degroom and Scherzer has been the central issue in the 2022 Mets race. DeGrom had the worrisome arm. Scherzer finished last season with what he called a tired arm and was unable to start NLCS 6 for the Dodgers. The Mets signed him anyway for $130 million over three years. Scherzer is 37 years old, he turns 34 as of June. In the realm of fantasy, the Mets would get 60 starts from a duo, and if that were the case, it would be hard to imagine the team not being one of the six finalists in the NL

But like the Nets this year as matches vanished from the schedule without the Big Three getting together much, the upside of the regular season is at least beginning to wane. What is the Mets if the duo only makes 50 starts or 45 or 40…?

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Especially since depth of rotation was a concern for the new baseball operations division. That’s one of the reasons the Mets got hold of Chris Bassett, who feels like he’s from the godsend oath now. Steve Cohen is allergic to becoming the first team with a payroll that swells by more than $300 million, so letting the trade go now isn’t impossible, but it’s tough. Also, it’s not like the market is bustling with appetizers less than a week into the season opening.

So, the first step is to put Scherzer in the season opener. Bassett, Carlos Carrasco and Tiguan Walker will be the next three in some order. Either Taylor Miguel, David Peterson or Trevor Williams will finish fifth. The Mets loved what they saw in spring training from Jose Boto and Conor Gray, and they hope they will continue to impress their pups to provide more depth.

Jacob Degrom during the Mets spring training match.
Jacob Degrom during the Mets spring training match.
Cory Sibkin

But there is no substitute for DeGrom, who is the best bowler in the world when he’s right — even better than Scherzer, who is saying something. But getting wrong is having an effect beyond the Mets’ chances this season for Degerum. He could pull out after the 2022 campaign, but will he walk away from the two-year-old at $63 million left if he’s not at least healthy in the final four months of the season?

Also, every start not made would erode a Hall of Fame nomination that was already impacting with too few starts, rounds, and wins. Scherzer, who is close to Cooperstown, starts this season with another 200 regular season starts and then deGrom.

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That difference will now grow. There will be no dynamic Mets duo opening this season. Perhaps the Scherzer and Bassitt additions will cover the Mets, but with the shortened springtime created every team prepares for shooting injuries, especially early on, especially in cold weather. So the Mets’ need to avoid further spinning injuries has ballooned to importance.

It’s where the Mets are now. Those wonderful winter dreams have just come true.