June 5, 2023


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Meta announced that Donald Trump could return to Facebook and Instagram

He can recover. After two years, Meta announced on Wednesday that it is ending its suspension of Donald Trump on Facebook and Instagram. excluded him After Capital Assault January 6, 2021.

“The public needs to hear what politicians have to say so they can make informed choices,” Nick Clegg, Meta’s head of international affairs, said in a statement.

Meta says it has put in place “safeguards” with “increased sanctions” for “any public figure reinstated after a suspension related to civil unrest”. If he violates Facebook’s charge, his posts will be deleted and he could be suspended for one month to two years “depending on the severity of the violation.”

A temporal exclusivity with true society

Donald Trump responded on the Truth social network, insisting he should never have regretted it: “Such a thing should never happen to a sitting president or anyone else who deserves impunity! He also promises that the future of his Truth social network is “limitless.”

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It remains to be seen when he will return to Facebook or Twitter. Donald Trump signed an agreement giving Truth Social six hours of exclusivity on all social media posts, according to documents filed with stock market officials. The deal runs until June 21, 2023, but theoretically, it could be terminated in the event of a “resignation” by Donald Trump. Whatever happens, he could return to the opening of the Republican primary this summer.