June 25, 2022


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Mercedes says the new GLC Hybrid could provide all-electric daily commutes

Mercedes says the new GLC Hybrid could provide all-electric daily commutes

Mercedes has unveiled the new version of its flagship GLC SUV, which the company says can run exclusively on its electric motor on most daily trips.

Mercedes says that all variants of the new GLC Hybrid model will come with an electric range of 100 km that should provide enough range to cover most daily commutes without the need to start the petrol or diesel engine.

“With identical core motors, electric has taken another big step. With electric power now at 100 kW, torque of 440 Nm, and an all-electric range of over 100 km (WLTP), everyday roads can be managed entirely electrically,” says Mercedes. .

The new GLC will prioritize operation over its 245 kW electric motor, including an “Enhanced Hybrid Drive Mode” that improves the use of its electric motor during long trips.

The electric motor of the GLC will provide up to 440 Nm of maximum torque, and can be engaged at speeds up to 140 km / h.

“The improved hybrid drive mode provides an electric drive mode for the most convenient sections of the road,” says Mercedes.

“Electric driving takes priority on long urban journeys, for example. Whether using one of the two petrol or diesel engines: it is not only very efficient but also very dynamic on the road, as plug-in hybrids.”

The GLC will come with a 31.2 kWh battery, which it says can be fully charged using a 60 kWh DC charger in about 30 minutes.

This is a doubling of the GLC’s electric range, with the previous version of the GLC Hybrid offering just 43 kilometers of all-electric driving.

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Australian pricing for the new GLC Hybrid has yet to be released but is expected to reach upwards of $90,000 for the base model.