March 21, 2023


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MEPs are ready to carry Roberto Metzola, who was elected against abortion, on his head

Major maneuvers have intensified in Strawburg in recent days as the deadline for the departure of European Parliament President David Sassoli approaches. On Tuesday, December 14th, the material animated several discussions between MEPs. Because, forty-two years after the president of Simone Veil, who legalized voluntary pregnancy in France, members of the European Parliament are seeking to elect another woman, Maltese Roberto Metzola, a member of the European People’s Party. (EPP, right) has never hidden his opposition to abortion. In September, she did not even vote on a resolution calling for a commission to criminalize violence against women.

Need to step back a little. In June 2019, the EPP, S&D (Socialists & Democrats, Left) and Renewal (Center) agreed to form a coalition to form a parliamentary majority in the wake of the European elections and to appoint David Sosoli as its leader. Legislators. In the interim, in January 2022, a member of the EPP is expected to succeed him. At that point, everyone imagines it will be Manfred Weber, The failed candidate for the position of Chairman of the EPP Board and Chairman of the Commission. The German (CSU) has retreated.

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Greens are not banned

At the end of the by-election, the Conservatives said Mr.Me 42-year-old Metsola, mr. Inaugurated after Sasoli. “She is a great candidate. She is a young woman from a small country. It is very symbolic.”, Weber explains. Was selected first In 2013, the Maldives gained a good reputation in the European Parliament. It also has the advantage of being part of the EPP’s more progressive edge – in theory. He defends the rights of LGBT + communities, both regular and glamorous. As for the reception of immigrants, the chosen one is not very serious. Also, in December 2019, he made the call Maldives Prime Minister Joseph Muscat resigns, After the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

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In this context, the renewal and S&D affiliation with the EPP through the June 2019 Coalition Agreement was approved by Mr.Me Metzola was selected by the EPP. There are no Greens who often consider women. Of course, they were aware of his position on the freedom of women to dispose of their bodies, and although they were the first to criticize Poland for banning the right to abortion, this did not seem to deter them.

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