November 30, 2022


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Members of the Martinique Inter-Union tested positive for Govt-19

The meeting of the health workshop scheduled for 10 am on Wednesday (December 8, 2021) was postponed again due to suspicion that the infection may have spread among union representatives, who had earlier this week been tested positive by the politician.

The health workshop is one of the most important in these talks to get rid of the social crisis that Martinique is facing. The work is mainly about postponing vaccination duty. Following the mention of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (November 30, 2021) in Sebastien Legornu’s Martinique column, the Government confirms that caregivers have until December 31, 2021 to submit a complete vaccination schedule.

On Monday, December 6, the protagonists are scheduled to continue their discussions from Thursday, December 02. The workshop was postponed due to the positive test of the prefect. This Wednesday is the new date, December 8th, and the new postponement due to suspicion of infection among Intercindical members.

For security reasons we are in the process of arranging the rest of the health workshop via video conference. We have information that the politician is ill and that members of Intercindical have tested positive for Covit-19. It is not known in what context.

Lisa Agathin, from Nursing Convergence, is a member of the Health Workshop

State services are trying to schedule this video conference Thursday or Friday, but impatience is growing among members of Intercindical members, especially representatives of the nursing staff.

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There is an emergency. We have colleagues who are already suspended and unpaid and are really waiting for answers on the negotiations that will be asked in this workshop “,” he said. Says Lisa Agatin. The Act of August 5, 2021, Says Vaccination is mandatory for employees working in healthcare facilities and termination of employment contract in case of refusal

So the province offers a video conference meeting but the whole of Intercindical does not adhere to it and wants a physical meeting in accordance with the health protocol.

This difficulty is currently included in the context of concern. The 5th wave in Martinique is actively advancing. Statistics for Wednesday, December 8 show 127 new corona virus cases in 24 hours. Incidence rate 174 and increase in hospitals (123).