June 5, 2023


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Meet the first robot dog spy armed with an assault rifle

Ghost Robotics’ spur robot dog has a 6.5mm caliber assault rifle attached to its back, which can reach the target from a distance of 1,200 meters. But to what extent autonomy?

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It has been going on for many years Spot robot dogs Boston Dynamics talks about them. Tested by them tooFrench Army With other robots during specific training sessions. On the same principle as the spot, here is the spur now Special purpose unmanned rifle.

Conceived Ghost Robotics, This quartet has a uniqueness: it is a Robot killer. The Spur is actually fitted with an assault rifle called the MK-17 Mod 1 with a capacity of 6.5 mm. In fact, it was the first four-legged robot to be fitted with such a weapon. It is with this tool that Spur recently visited Washington D.C., USAU.S. Army. The used 6.5 mm caliber has a long range, with which the robot can accurately reach the target at a distance of 1,200 meters. It should be noted that the four pronounced legs of the robot are suitable for achieving shot stabilization due to the high ratio of computers controlling each leg. The spur can shoot accurately while moving, and this computing power allows the elastic effect of the shots to be offset in real time.

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The Ghost Robotics robot dog is in its unarmed version. The robot equipped with accessories can carry out spy and intelligence tasks. Ho Ghost Robotics

A robot-killer for what level of autonomy?

According to the manufacturer, other skills and weapons can be integrated as needed. On top of that From In the robot, the weapon can be seen hidden under a protective shell with a sight system. Its barrel that extends seems to be fitted with a silencer. This undoubtedly helps prevent the direction of the fire from being detected by enemies. Ghost Robotics does not refer to how to reload a weapon, but explains that the robot knows how to deal with it and keep it safe. Spur is also tough and waterproof. Its structure is designed to function despite many Sensors The ship is faulty.

In question Ethics To find out if the robot can be given autonomy in its decisions, the manufacturer did not respond. The footage can be controlled remotely by the operator. However, the robot can be put to good use He Before leaving the firing decision to an operator, potential targets must be identified and locked down. For the military, such a robot would be useful to ensure security over the distance associated with its firing range. He will be an ally in spying on urban war zones.

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