August 18, 2022


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McDonald’s customer throws a ‘violent tantrum’ for taking too long to order

Tianis Jones

A pregnant woman who was craving fast food and enraged by an alleged wait called 911, crashed into the restaurant and then shivered forcefully at the staff as a parting shot.

Tiannis Jones, 22, is facing a string of charges over what police called a “violent tantrum” after being delayed in a McDonald’s car in Lakeland, Florida.

The incident also sparked a series of McDonald’s-themed jokes online, with even the police not being able to resist some of the puns.

Sherif Grady Goodof the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, told a news conference that Jones had a “mump,” adding, “You know, I don’t know what was wrong with her that night. I don’t know if it was, like, short fries from the Happy Meal, or She may have lacked the Happy Meal completely, but she created McMess. And she acted like a McNut.”

Tiannis Jones was arrested after an incident at Lakeland McDonald’s on May 19. Jones is depicted in this photomontage.
Polk County Sheriff

CCTV footage From Thursday’s (May 18) incident, a woman that police claim is Jones is shown heading to a McDonald’s office. She is seen talking to a female worker, at first interspersing her words by tapping her fingers on the edge of the serving area. But her gestures became increasingly mobile and she began to wave her arms around her and stroke her hands, before suddenly using her arm to pass a plastic sign across the desk toward the employee who jumps out of the way as he descends at his feet.

Then she uses her other arm to throw a bunch of spice bottles on the ground and McDonald’s A worker goes to the kitchen to avoid her attack. The clip, which has no sound, shows the grumpy diner rushing behind the table to pull out stacks of cups.

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Another woman – who the police have suggested is Jones’ sister – is shown trying to reason with her and pull her away. But before the woman allegedly Jones leaves, she lifts her shirt to reveal her stomach, then turns twerk on workers.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has charged Jones with causing approximately $100 in damages to the restaurant. Judd added, “She called 911 and complained about it at McDonald’s. So, things went from bad to worse. Her sister tried to get her out of McDonald’s. She didn’t. Instead, she continued to rave about her anger.”

Jones was arrested Friday night and charged with burglary, criminal assault, disorderly conduct and misuse of 911. NEWSWEEK Contact the authorities for more information about the case.

Judd, apparently thinking about the McDonald’s mascot Hamburger, said Jones alleged that he was behind the counter to grab things and throw things meaning she “ended up to McBurglar – she committed burglary and assault, which is a first-degree felony.”

During the alleged frenzy, he said, Jones announced to everyone at the restaurant that she was five months pregnant, before revealing her pregnant belly to walk out of the store.

He added that the mother who never received the fish sandwich, Happy Meal, Sprite, Sweet Tea and Chocolate Shake she ordered.

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Judd concluded that if Jones were convicted of her alleged crimes, she would likely not enjoy food in prison.