November 27, 2022


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Matt Ryan: Honestly, this is a situation that I know

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders

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Colts placed interim head coach Jeff Saturday Matt Ryan Back in the saddle as QB1 last week and the move paid off with a 25-20 win over the Raiders.

After a rocky few weeks, Ryan officially became the club’s starting quarterback again. This is all the more familiar to him as the team prepares to face the Eagles in Week 11.

“Honestly, this is a situation that I know of,” Ryan said in his press conference on Wednesday. “So, that puts me in a situation of — kind of like I told you last week there was really only one way I know how to do it and I’m going to do it that way and I’m going to give it my all. Go back to that, go back to the normal routine for the week and try to get myself ready and ready to go and make sure That the men around me do, too.”

Ryan has been the starting quarterback since entering the league in 2008, so sitting on the bench was unfamiliar territory. Ryan was praised by teammates as an “all-around professional” throughout the entire situation. But Ryan admitted that he had some catharsis with his wife.

“[S]Maybe he’s hearing some things you want to hear, Ryan said with a laugh. “But I keep it there. Again, you have family around you who are kind of supportive and friends and guys that you’ve developed really good relationships along the way that can kind of help you through this stuff.”

Ryan was also dealing with a shoulder injury, but said he feels great now.

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The quarterback will have to put in another solid performance to help Indianapolis defeat Philadelphia on Sunday.