June 8, 2023


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Mark Datrooks is depressed, he has no hope of liberation: his mother says, “Let him rot in hell”

The lawyer for the serial rapist and murderer described his client as “depressed and at the bottom of the pit.” The shocked Mark Tudrooks mother did not show mercy to her son. “Let him rot in hell, I have no mercy on him” …

Mark Tadrooks was depressed, “at the bottom of the gap,” his lawyer told Belgian reporters. Believing he will be released from prison in 2021, he sees Nivels dawn in his cell at the end of the year, and has given up all hope that he can one day benefit from conditional release.

“Mark Datrooks is a Dangerous Psychiatrist”

Last spring, the College of Psychiatrists released a report on Mark Tudrooks, which found that the serial killer and rapist were still a psychiatrist and that they were at high risk for recurrence. “Maintaining a strict and closed structure will only limit the risk that Mark Tudrooks will react to society”, concluding the document and not submitting a request for his release.

Seven months later, Mr Bruno Dayes said his client was sentenced in 2004 to life imprisonment and 10 years in prison by the Enforcement Court (DAP) for sexually abusing six girls. After killing four of them, he became depressed, realizing that he would spend the rest of his life behind bars. In anticipation of the demand for release, he had drafted A letter to the victim’s parents In August 2018 this provoked their anger

“I’m not sorry about him, he’s an actor.”

A Flemish newspaper has been contacted after reports by Bruno Diaz that Mark Drooks’ mother Jenin Lowns has shown no mercy to her son. “Let him rot in hell, I have no mercy on him,” she said. “Mark Dudrox is an actor, depression is not in his anger,” he added. “By saying this, he sank the knife a little deeper into the wounds of the relatives of the victims,” ​​she repeated, “let them treat him as he treated those who suffered” …

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