June 9, 2023


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Marco Rubio: China is watching the US response to tensions between Russia and Ukraine

Marco Rubio: China is watching the US response to tensions between Russia and Ukraine

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Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, influenced Biden’s response to escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine.Jesse Waters Peak. ”

Sen. Marco Rubio: Well, I don’t think that with NATO there and the United States there, it will move to the Baltic states, which are probably the most vulnerable. I think that’s probably too much at this time and I don’t have an issue with a certain level of intensification, but we can’t lose our focus on China. I mean, NATO can take care, with some input from us, I think they can prevent this from moving forward. We really have to stay focused on China. That’s an important thing, because I think China is watching this and if we live in a world where any country can decide, “Hey, that land belongs to us,” and I give you some two-hour history lesson, which is a bunch of bullshit, and then go in and take it, you know You’ll see that happen in other places. I want to make another point.

One of the things that’s going on here is, you know, we’ve had a war under the Biden administration against oil and natural gas in the United States. We stopped producing it. We have taken strict action against him. We won’t do more of it, and what has happened is that it has made Russian oil and natural gas more valuable. He has made Putin give him more influence, and in fact has left Europe, us and the world more vulnerable. We have to reverse… This is one of the most important sanctions we can impose right now is the announcement tonight, Joe Biden has to go on TV and say, “I’m going to lift all the ridiculous Green New Deal restrictions and we’ll start producing oil and natural gas so thugs like Vladimir Putin can’t hold Entire continents are being held hostage.”

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