May 26, 2022


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Marcel The Shell With Shoes On searches for his family in a trailer

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On searches for his family in a trailer

Marcel the shell with the shoe hits the road

It’s like it’s been forever since Marcel the shell with shoes A feature film has been announced. Jenny Slate It was first announced in 2014 she and Marcel the shell Co-creator Dean Fleischer Camp was planning a movie based on the three-part shorts that went viral on YouTube. Eight years later, we finally have a trailer for it.

Filmed as a satirical movie, A24 is just like YouTube’s shorts Represents Marcel. In the trailer, Marcel (Slate) explains to Fleischer Camp (who’s working as a “documentary”) that it “takes at least 20 shells to have a community.” But he doesn’t have it. Instead, he lives alone with his grandmother, Nana Kone (Isabella Rossellini).

Marcel seems happy enough to be with Nana Kuni (hmm spend Their days are watching 60 minutes) But it misses the other shells. “Sometimes I find my mind wandering… I’m thinking, “What does my family think?” Do you think they could be there? “, Asks.

Encouraged by Nana Kone, Marcel decides to take an adventure in search of his family. But first is He tries to look for help online, and hosts a live stream asking if anyone has information on missing loved ones. Eventually he hits the road, and his mission manages to grab his attention 60 minutes Host Leslie Stahl, who ends up meeting him.

Besides Slate, Fleishcher-Camp, and Rossellini, the film also features supporting roles from Rosa Salazar and Thomas Mann. As we saw in the trailer, Conan O’Brien and Brian Williams also make cameos.

The film was written by Slate, Fleischman Camp, and Nick Paley, and directed by Fleischman Camp. It premiered at the Telluride Film Festival in 2021 and was also recently shown at SXSW. This summer’s theatrical release will be on June 24th.

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