June 9, 2023


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Marc Maron Explodes The Academy Over Reviewing Andrea Riseborough’s Oscar Campaign – Deadline

Marc Maron Explodes The Academy Over Reviewing Andrea Riseborough's Oscar Campaign - Deadline

Marc Maron standing next to him to Leslie Co-star Andrea Riseborough and criticism of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for its decision to conduct a review of the campaign’s procedures around it This year’s Oscar nominees – reaction to The Riseborough nomination is on the left, at grassroots level.

After the news broke The Academy will review its rules For online campaigns – Riseborough has received great support from fellow actors in the weeks leading up to the nominations – Maron has taken What is this nonsense Podcast to talk.

Maron said, “Apparently, the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences or whatever has decided to investigate Andrea Riseborough’s popular campaign to get her an Oscar nomination, because I think that threatens their system to where they are completely bought out by corporate interests in the form of studios.” .

“academy [like]”Well, we should take a look at this. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. Independent artists don’t deserve the Academy’s attention unless we see exactly how it works. So we’ll look at this.”

Maron objected to the Academy’s perceived bias in favor of the big studios’ Oscar campaigns. Millions of dollars [are] They put together months and months of advertising campaigns, publicity, and offers by large corporate entertainment entities, and Andrea had the support of her peers with a grassroots campaign paid for by a few actors.”

“Nothing will happen because [the investigation]Saying that Riseborough’s online campaign “was serious…and it’s not frivolous. But I’m glad the Academy — at the behest of private interest, corporate attention and paranoia about their looks — is conducting an investigation. Who gives an AF*ck!”

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Over the weekend, Rep Christina Ricci also took the case With the Academy’s review, the post on Instagram read, “It seems funny that a ‘surprise nomination’ (meaning not much money was spent to cast this actress) for a legitimately brilliant performance is achieved. So only movies and actors can afford campaigns worthy of Appreciation? It seems elitist, exclusive, and very backward to me.”