December 3, 2022


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LIVE – War in Ukraine: Russian forces claim advance in Donbass

Russia admits death of soldiers mobilized in Ukraine

Five Russians enlisted to fight in Ukraine as part of a demobilization ordered in September have died after joining the army, officials said Thursday, as such announcements have multiplied in recent days.

“We will provide all necessary assistance to the families and relatives of our fallen soldiers,” the Chelyabinsk region’s news service said, as quoted by the state agency. CASSHe promised to pay one million rubles (€16,000) to each of the dead.

Russian authorities did not specify the cause of the deaths or their whereabouts.

Russian lawmaker says elites want to get rid of Putin but don’t know how

Catapult threatens in Russia. According to a local official elected by the Russian people, the tide is turning for the president, who has been in power since the early 2000s. Russian elites now want to “get rid of him”, fed up with his presidency. Challenge.

“In Russia, any protest, any disagreement with the official line is severely suppressed,” he explains.

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G7 and IMF reaffirm support for Ukraine “as long as needed”.

The G7 and the IMF reaffirmed on Wednesday that they would support Ukraine “as long as necessary” to deal with the economic consequences of the invasion, which are worth billions of dollars, at a time when the country is the target of a new wave of sanctions. Russian attacks.

“The G7 remains deeply committed to continuing to support Ukraine as long as necessary and to provide assistance to meet its most urgent financial needs,” the finance ministers of the seven most developed democracies declared in a joint statement.

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The Managing Director of the IMF, for his part, announced that the institution would work on creating a permanent forum aimed at coordinating economic assistance.

Kyiv condemns new drone strikes in capital

Early Thursday morning, Ukraine’s presidential administration chief Kyrillo Tymoshenko said Russia had attacked the capital Kyiv with Iranian-made drones.

“Another attack by kamikaze drones on critical infrastructure,” he said without elaborating.

The mayor of Mykolaiv, Oleksandr Senkevych, for his part, said in a Telegram this Thursday that the city in southern Ukraine, already heavily hit by the Russian military, had been subjected to “heavy shelling” overnight. A five-storey residential building.

Energy crisis: France began supplying gas directly to Germany

France began sending gas directly to Germany for the first time on Thursday morning, as part of European energy unity to overcome the drying up of flows from Russia, the manager of the French gas transmission network GRTgaz announced.

“In the context of a sharp drop in Russian gas supplies to Europe and within the framework of European unity regarding energy security, GRTgaz has mobilized to reorganize its network and formalize a plan to market gas transportation capacity from France to Germany,” GRTgaz said in a statement.

Pro-Russian separatists say the Russian army is on the doorstep of Bakhmoud, Donbass

Pro-Russian forces in the area said Russian forces were at the gates of Baghmouth on Thursday after capturing two villages near the eastern Ukrainian city.

According to the Telegram channel of the Donetsk separatist fighters, they have taken control of the villages of Obidne and Ivangrad, directly south of Bagmouth, a city they have been trying to capture since August and the only area where troops from Moscow are currently advancing.

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“The less we talk about it, the more credible we are”: On nuclear threat, Macron defends French doctrine

On France 2, the head of state returned to the risk of escalating the conflict, particularly to Vladimir Putin’s comments on nuclear weapons.

For Emmanuel Macron, France’s nuclear policy is “based on the fundamental interests of the nation, which are very clearly defined”. Asked about a possible tactical strike from Russia, Emmanuel Macron ruled that it would not call for a nuclear response.

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Macron confirms deployment of anti-aircraft defense systems in coming weeks

During an intervention on France 2 on Wednesday evening, the President of the Republic announced the deployment of anti-aircraft defense systems to Ukraine.

“We will deploy radars, systems and (anti-aircraft) missiles to protect (the Ukrainians) from attacks, especially from drone attacks,” he said.

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London to supply new air defense missiles to Ukraine

Britain announced on Thursday that it will supply Ukraine with additional anti-aircraft missiles, including munitions capable of shooting down cruise missiles, the British Ministry of Defense announced Thursday.

The announcement was part of a pledge by Ukraine’s allies to help Kyiv in Brussels on Wednesday. to strengthen its anti-aircraft defenses as soon as possible after intense Russian bombing of the country.

Biden says UN vote sends clear message to Russia

“143 countries stand for freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the US president said in a statement overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

sentence, By an overwhelming majority of the UN General AssemblyHe welcomed Russian “illegal annexations” of Ukrainian territories as sending a “clear message” to Moscow that Russia “cannot wipe a sovereign state off the map”.

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Broad UN probe into Russian ‘illegal links’ in Ukraine

The UN General Assembly on Wednesday condemned the “illegal annexation” of Ukrainian territories by an “overwhelming” majority, sending a “clear message” to Moscow, according to Joe Biden.

The 193-member General Assembly, which met in an emergency meeting on Monday, adopted the resolution with 35 votes in favor and 143 against, including China, India, Pakistan and South Africa. In the states.

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