January 29, 2023


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LIVE – Ukraine: Pro-Russian separatists claim control of a village near Bakhmoud


Deadly strikes

At least two people were killed in a Russian airstrike that hit a market in the village of Shevchenkov in northeastern Ukraine on Monday, local officials said, as fighting continued in the east.

In Kherson, in the south, Governor Yaroslav Yanushevich said one person was killed and another was wounded in a Russian bombardment that hit a residential area.

According to the Ukrainian president, two people have died and ten others have been injured in the past 24 hours across the country.

Western armor in scenes of Moscow

The Kremlin said on Monday that the supply of armored infantry and other weapons to Ukraine announced last week by several Western countries would “perpetuate the suffering” of Ukrainians and “will not change” the balance of power.

“Fundamentally, these distributions cannot and will not change anything. […] “These deliveries can only prolong the suffering of the Ukrainian people,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Prussian separatists claim control of a village

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region said on Monday they had taken control of a village near the town of Bakhmoud, the current epicenter of fighting that Moscow’s forces have been trying to capture for months.

The Bakhmoutské region in the Donetsk region, “liberated by the Russian Armed Forces”, refers to the region’s separatists who say it was annexed by Moscow. The village of Bakhmoutské, located northeast of Bakhmout, was once known for its vineyards and salt mines and had about 70,000 inhabitants before the Russian offensive began last February. It is now a hot spot on the forehead.

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“Follow Ukraine but build peace”

“It is time not to lose Ukraine, but at the same time to continue to build peace”, pleads LCI General Vincent Desportes, former director of the war school. “From the middle of the second millennium, all wars ended in large international conferences.”

“Russian Army Weak But Recovering”

“The Russian army has been recovering well for a few weeks, and it is recovering and attacking,” notes LCI General Vincent Desportes, former director of the war school. “However, for now, it remains weak and cannot let the Ukrainian strike go unpunished”, according to Moscow, on New Year’s Day, which killed 89 people.

Russia “suggests” that the Ukrainian strike killed more than 89 people by announcing that it retaliated on Sunday, killing hundreds, General Vincent Desportes said, referring to “a communication from Vladimir Putin to show that his army is still “strong, his country is avenged”.

Update on the situation

Russia bombed Ukraine more than 100 times on Sunday, according to the administration of the Sumy region, a day after a unilateral ceasefire imposed by Moscow ended. At the same time, Russian soldiers killed in the Ukrainian Makhivka attack were buried. Here are the highlights from the last 24 hours.


Moscow’s “retaliation”

Fighting resumed in Ukraine on Sunday after an Orthodox Christmas accord that Vladimir Putin decreed in disbelief, at the end of which Moscow said it would avenge its losses by killing hundreds in a single strike, which it immediately denied. In the Sumy region of northeastern Ukraine alone, the local administration reported more than a hundred bombings and strikes during the day and evening on Sunday.

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“The Russian army carried out 144 strikes during the day”, especially in Esmansk, Novoslobid, Myropil, Bilopol and Khotyn, which were “on fire”, the head of the regional administration Dmytro Zhivitskiï wrote on the Telegram social network. In Esmansk, the Russian army attacked with mortars, Grad multiple rocket launchers and heavy artillery, destroying four houses, a school and a community hall. However, according to the same source, there was no loss of life in the area.

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