July 2, 2022


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Live – Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee: The royal family appeared on the Buckingham Balcony

Prince Louis, Superstar

Young children of the royal family often steal the show from their adults on the Buckingham Balcony. This year, Prince Louise, wearing the sailor dress his father wore at his age, delighted the gallery.

The boy covered his ears as the Royal Air Force planes passed next to Queen Elizabeth.

During the Jubilee of the Queen and Prince Louis on June 2, 2022. © Daniel Neil – AFP

Meghan and Harry behind the scenes

Prince Harry and Megan Markle are at Buckingham Palace if they are not allowed to pose with active members of the royal family on the balcony. Daily Mail Thus the Duchess of Sussex publishes photos of Savannah and Isla Phillips smiling at the Queen’s granddaughters Lena and Mia Dindal.

Prince Harry also engaged in in-depth discussion with the Duke of Kent.

As the tabloid points out, this is the first time the couple has been seen in Buckingham since leaving for the United States. When they visited the Invictus Games in the Netherlands last April, they visited the Sovereign, but were not photographed.

This time they came to the UK with their children 3 year old little Archie and Lilliput to celebrate her first birthday on June 4th.

The Queen greets the crowd who came to cheer her on

Dressed in blue like her new official portrait, the Queen, surrounded by the royal family, addressed her glorious salute to the crowd.

The Queen pays homage on the balcony of Buckingham on June 2, 2022.
The Queen pays homage on Buckingham’s balcony on June 2, 2022. © BFMTV

In 1937, on the same balcony, when he appeared with his father, King George VI, his mother and his sister Margaret, the same gesture he had already drawn.

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Young Elizabeth, future Queen Elizabeth II, with her father King George VI on the balcony in Buckingham.
Young Elizabeth, future Queen Elizabeth II, with her father King George VI on the balcony in Buckingham. © AFP

The whole royal family on the balcony

Shortly after appearing, on Buckingham’s balcony, alone with Kent’s cousin Edward, the acclaimed Queen returns with active members of the royal family.

They witness firsthand the flight of Royal Air Force planes. In addition to the Queen, there are Prince Charles and his wife Camila, William, Kate and their children Princess Anne. In total, the active members around the Queen (“senior members”) are 17 members of the royal family.

On June 2, 2022, the royal family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham for the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II.
Royal Family Gathers On Buckingham Balcony For The Platinum Jubilee Of Elizabeth II On June 2, 2022 © BFMTV

Prince Harry and Megan Markley and Prince Andrew were not allowed on the balcony. They watch the march from another building.

Cannons were fired in memory of the Queen

Shortly before the royal family appeared on the Buckingham Balcony, cannons were fired in memory of the Queen, her official birthday and jubilee.

In all, 124 artillery shells were fired on June 2, 1953, 62 for the Queen’s birthday and 62 for her coronation.

The Queen appears on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

On this Jubilee day the long-awaited Sovereign, finally on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, appeared by his side, Kent’s cousin Edward.

Elizabeth II and her cousin Edward of Kent during her platinum ceremony on June 2, 2022
Elizabeth II and her cousin Edward of Kent during her platinum ceremony on June 2, 2022 © BFMTV

The Queen’s flag was hoisted over Buckingham Palace

The Queen has arrived at Buckingham Palace. Royal StandardThe Queen’s flag is hoisted on the palace, indicating that the Queen is there.

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She adheres to the Royal Standard of Sovereignty wherever she goes. It is thus placed when the Queen’s car or her plane is on the ground.

Elizabeth II, The Crossing of the Century

Discover our series of events, Elizabeth II, The Crossing of the CenturyOn RMC BFMPplayHighlights of this regime of unprecedented longevity.

Queen Elizabeth II at various stages of her reign
Queen Elizabeth II during her reign several times © BFMTV

Kate and William’s children settled on Buckingham’s balcony

Young Louise, dressed as a sailor like his father Prince William in 1985. His sister Charlotte and brother George also came to see the parade from the Buckingham Balcony.

Kate and William's children on Buckingham's balcony on June 2, 2022
Kate and William’s children on Buckingham’s balcony, June 2, 2022 © BFMTV

The children arrived in a cart with their mother and Camila Parker-Pauls.

George, Charlotte and Louise, come to the parade
George, Charlotte and Louise arrive at the parade © Jonathan Brady – AFP

Prince Charles leads a review of troops on horseback

Prince Charles, his sister Princess Anne and his son William review the troops on horseback. The Queen has entrusted this task to her son, who has not yet arrived at Buckingham Palace.

Prince Charles at the Trooping The Color Parade
Prince Charles © Ben Stansall / AFP during the Trooping The Color Parade

He wears the famous hairy hat “horse guards” and “foot guards” traditionally made from bear fur from Canada.

Camila, Kate and the kids arrive in a trolley

Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles, and Kate and their three children, George (soon 9 years old) and Charlotte (7 years old) and Louise (4 years old) marched in the open carriage.

Kate and Camila arrive at the military parade "Trooping the Color" June 2, 2022.
Kate and Camila arrive for the “Trooping the Color” military parade on June 2, 2022. © Ben Stansall – AFP

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The military parade began

The Trooping The Color Army Parade has begun in London. Until 1987, the Sovereign went on to reconsider the troops on horseback. Then on rainy days she switched to trolley or cart.

This year, as a sign of the great exhaustion of sovereignty, Prince Charles will review the troops.

Military parade in memory of Elizabeth II
Military parade in memory of Elizabeth II © BFMTV

The crowd gathers in London

Pennants, flags and giant portraits hung on the streets across England, and the Die-Heart Royals set up their tents in London for the front row seat of Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee.

On June 2, 2022, in memory of Queen Elizabeth, the British posted on the path of the military parade.
On June 2, 2022, the British posted on the path of the military parade in memory of Queen Elizabeth. © Ben Stansall – AFP

With this extended four-day weekend, marches and street banquets celebrating the most famous monarch symbolizing the stability of the uprising for decades in the country, the moment of rest and solidarity for the British after Brexit and many years of heartbreak due to Govt-19, now historic inflation continues.

Emmanuel Macron’s message to the Queen

Emmanuel Macron praised Queen Elizabeth II’s “commitment” in support of the “unbroken friendship” between France and the United Kingdom for its Platinum Jubilee, and expressed its gratitude to this “closest ally”.

“You are the golden thread that unites our two countries, the source of the unwavering friendship between our countries,” the French president wrote in a message to the Sovereign. “You have been a constant presence and source of wisdom for the leaders of our two countries.”

The head of state also gifted a Republican Guard horse to mark the Queen’s Jubilee.

New official portrait of the Queen

To mark the occasion, an unpublished portrait of the Queen was unveiled. The 96-year-old queen is seated there in a light blue ensemble. Sovereignty now has great difficulty in moving and will only appear in public on rare occasions.

More than 1,500 soldiers for the military parade

The traditional “Trooping the Color”, which celebrates the Queen’s birthday in early June each year, takes place this Thursday at 10 am (11 am, in France). At the event, more than 1,500 soldiers and musicians from the British Army will march.

Later, at 1 pm (2 pm, in France) it will appear on the balcony of the royal family’s Buckingham Palace. Seventeen members of the family will surround the sovereignty. Princes Harry and Andrew will not take part in it.

As he had done in previous years, the king would not inspect the mounted troops, and his son would be replaced by Prince Charles.

The festival starts on Thursday

Hello everyone, we are together to celebrate this festival. We will meet live on BFMTV from 9am.