June 9, 2023


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Live – Govit-19: 100% Refund for Strikes Area Activity, Le Maire – Announces Release

Govt-19 epidemic in FranceDocument

Fifth wave, third dose, omigran variation, infection assessment, new treatments … Discover the latest information on the health crisis associated with the Kovit-19 infection.

In short:

– Before a Back to school under stress As of Monday morning, more than 160,000 new cases had been reported in France Daily Govt-19 reports for the last seven days. It rose to 232,000 on Saturday.

– Wearing a mask from the age of 6, new rules for isolating those who are positive for Kovit-19, teleworking, child care, catering … A series of new health measures Effective Monday. The National Assembly should also investigate The draft law of the vaccine.

– Europe, the current epicenter of the Kovit-19 epidemic, has crossed the milestone of 100 million cases recorded since the virus was discovered in December 2019, or more than a third of the world’s total pollution.


Mokwitzi Mississippi is positive for Botswana’s President Kovid-19. Botswana’s President Mogwitzi Messi isolated after positive test for Govt-19 “No symptoms and subject to medical supervision”, The government said the president did a positive test during the routine test. The government has said Vice President Slumber Chokwane will remain in office until further notice. Botswana, it will be known in early December “Increase in the number of pollutants”, There were nearly 220,000 cases and more than 2,400 deaths last week, according to official figures. It was in this country that the Omigran variant was discovered. The President described it in his year-end speech “A variation that spreads like wildfire”.


Richard Gasquet has been isolated in Australia positive for the Govt infection. The French tennis player announced on social media on Monday. Positive to Covid-19, he was held in solitary confinement in Australia, where he was to play in the Melbourne tournament before the Australian Open (January 17 to 30). The 35-year-old Frenchman, ranked 87th in the ATP, announced he was following the protocol, recalling being subjected to isolation for the third time in two years after being linked to a case at the US Open. 2020 and “First Positive Govt Last April”. “It’s starting to do a lot, isn’t it?!?!”, He also begins with the direction of ATP and health controls, before concluding the joke’s note in a postscript: “What’s on Netflix?“. St. Richard!

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Richard Fernandez is also positive. Chairman of the National Assembly LREM This Monday morning, a positive test for Kovit-19 was done after the sensation “Mild symptoms on Sunday evening”, According to a press release. “With complete vaccination schedule”, Ferrand is in solitary confinement “They will continue to carry out their responsibilities from a distance”. Vice President David Habib will preside over a government question and answer session on Tuesday. The leader of a political group is also positive: Bertrand Buncher, chairman of the Liberties and Territories delegation, announced his entourage.


The government is providing new assistance. “For companies that have lost 65% of their turnover, the area activity will be 100% refunded., Bruno Le Maire announced this Monday afternoon, at the end of a meeting with delegates Departments affected by health restrictions, In the company of Labor Minister Elizabeth Bourne and Tourism and SMEs Minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. The move is particularly worrying Nightclubs have been closed for almost a month. In addition, the system to cover fixed costs will be expanded to all tourism companies and repayments of less than யூ 50,000 will be expedited.


Minister Elizabeth Moreno tested positive. The minister responsible for equality between women and men announced on Twitter on Monday that he had tested positive for Kovit-19 and would continue his duties at a distance. Other ministers have announced in recent days that they will be affected: Barbara Pompeii (environmental change) on December 27 and Emmanuel Varken (housing) on ​​December 31.


India is vaccinating its adolescents. Vaccination of 15- to 18-year-olds began Monday in the country, with authorities stepping up health measures in major cities to prevent this. The epidemic did not destroy India as it did last spring. More than 200,000 Indians have died from Govt-19, and health workers have vaccinated more than 1.4 billion people, but less than half of the 1.3 billion people have already received the two doses, according to government data.

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Reminds me of being called back to Israel for the elderly. The Hebrew state began injecting on Monday The fourth dose of the corona virus vaccine People 60 years and older, in the midst of contagious pollution, have been linked to the highly contagious Omigran variant. On Sunday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett said that all Israelis and medical personnel under this age group could benefit from the booster if they received the third dose four months ago. “The Omigron wave is here, we must protect ourselves”, Bennett said. Israel also received the first delivery on Thursday Corona antiviral tablets from Pfizer.


Back to school, protocol time, CO2 sensors … going straight to your boots. As the school year begins on Monday in the middle of the fifth wave, Jean-Michel Blanker justified his refusal to postpone the start of the school year at LCI this Monday. “Easy Solution” According to him. “Closing schools can only be a last resort. We have not stopped the social life of children with the first outbreak ”, He adds.

Was severely criticized by teachers and parents of students for revealing New health protocol in schools Sunday afternoon, Jean-Michel Blanker “Identify” And it was delivered late but it was“It can not be different if we want to make decisions as close to reality as possible.”. On CO2 sensors, The Minister of Education, blamed the local communities for not doing enough, explaining that only 20% of schools have facilities. The Minister of Education finally reiterated “Teachers are also among the less polluted and highly vaccinated professional categories”, He confirmed it but did not quote a source “All studies show it”.


Is the fourth dose already in view? Olivier Vernon, who was recalled to France Inter on Monday, spoke on the question of recalling against Covit-19. “The question of the new dose of the vaccine will arise quickly enough for the weak in our country, the immunocompromised or the very old who have been away from their booster for three or four months. KWhen does it open? “We discuss it alone with scientists Israel opened this fourth dose. And frighteningly, when their data is with us, I imagine we will move but I can not say with confidence ”, ex Acting Minister of Health.


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January is a month “Tough” Most “May be the last of the waves”, Root predicts. I said, maybe, maybe, it’s all, maybe, in the last wave. Considering the rate of pollution on the planet, we could all have some kind of immunity either through vaccination or through infection or both. Olivier sees Veron in the French Inter this Monday morning. But the health minister says: “I’m not saying it’s less dangerous, I’m saying it causes fewer groans. But if you have a large number of patients [vous avez] The largest number of hospitals in the ratio … […]. We are going to spend a difficult January in hospital.


From assembly to schools, Govt-19 has come back to school. One week after Oliver Vernon’s dangerous intervention in the presence of representatives on the committee, the bill “Strengthening Tools for Managing Health Crisis” It is due to be debated in Parliament on Monday. The fight against fraud, the state of emergency abroad, the correction “repentance” … Release Summarizes the main rules Vaccine pass. The new health rules are also in effect, starting the school year on Monday. But without official contact. Measures much lower than demanded by teacher unions.