March 21, 2023


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Leftist candidate Gabriel Borick wins historic victory

Champagne bubbles burst towards several stamped pennants “President of Boric”, Chilean and Native flags and Rainbow banners of the LGBT + community. A gathering in Santiago on Sunday, December 19, celebrates Gabriel Borick, 35, near headquarters. The crushing victory of its candidate (Approximately 56% of the vote), led by a broad coalition, united the Communist Party with center-left figures.

With the rhythm of the horns, tens of thousands of people gather to celebrate this historic end in many respects. 15 million or more voters – for a population of 19 million – were forced to choose two radical opposing models for this first presidential election after an unprecedented social movement against inequality in 2019. The elected representative on the ballot at Monet Palace has not reached the minimum age required to hold the office of President. For the first time since returning to democracy in 1990, the traditional center-left and right-wing parties were excluded from the final race for supremacy.

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“New Path”

“Ole, ole, the one who did not jump voted for Cost”Chant the support of Gabriel Borik in a single leap, referring to the ousted far-right candidate Jose Antonio Coste, a 55-year-old former deputy and lawyer. He soon realized his failure. “United Peoples Will Never Be Defeated” (“United Peoples Will Never Be Defeated”) Takes this song of social struggles in Chile and elsewhere and delights the crowd. “I’m so happy and relaxed.”, Jubilee Barbara Araya, 30 years. “Borik was a candidate for the protection of the environment, women’s rights and sexual diversity.”, Continues this young entrepreneur.

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“What joy, what hope! We are moving in a new direction, which is more social justice, more equality., Catalina Fikurova, 32, promises sociologist and activist “Democratic Revolution”, Gabriel Borik is the left party coordinating the coalition. The latter promised to establish a welfare state and create Chile “Grave” Of neoliberalism. If this model, set up under the dictatorship (1973-1990), had been revised, in the last thirty years, it would never have been deeply questioned.

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“This wide-ranging victory came as a surprise, with some polls giving both candidates neck and neck support and for the first time. [depuis 1990], Who came first in the first lap [José Antonio Kast avec deux points d’avance], Not elected President ”, Underscores Marcela Rios, a political scientist at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Chile. This second ballot is characterized by its maximum (greater than 55%) turnout since the end of compulsory voting in 2012, after the first round marked by a low turnout (47%). “By exploring the participation in the Santiago region, we can assume that the younger and more popular classes are more mobilized.”, The political scientist continues.

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