January 29, 2023


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Lane Kiffin – Texas Tech player spat, may have used a racial slur

Lane Kiffin - Texas Tech player spat, may have used a racial slur

HOUSTON — A Texas Tech player spat at one of his players and likely used a racial slur Wednesday night at the TaxAct Texas Bowl, Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin said.

A falling out occurred between the two teams after Ole Miss’ Dayton Wade It fumbled early in the fourth quarter and Texas Tech recovered. There was a push and a push between the players, and an Ole Miss wide receiver Jordan Watkins Personal foul penalty.

After the game, which Ole Miss lost 42-25, Kiffin said the punishment should have been on Texas Tech. Dmitry Moorewho is No. 11 for the Red Raiders, in place of Watkins, who wears No. 11 for Ole Miss.

“They announced we had 11, and it’s Jordan Watkins, who wasn’t in the fight. It was 11 of them who were the fight 71. [Ole Miss lineman Jayden Williams]And everyone knows it because their coaches were yelling at the guy.”

“There was a racial slur involved; that’s not the point of what we’re talking about, [it’s] About the spitting part. I alone brought 71 to the officials, true or false, do you see him crying? He is not crying, not because he spat, because something was said.